4 Glue Gun Tricks

The hot glue gun is probably every crafter’s favourite tool. But did you know that it could be put to many good uses around the house? Check out these few simple hacks.

DIY non-slip hangers

It can be frustrating when our clothes repeatedly slip off the hangers, especially those with wide-neck designs. The quick solution to this? Add grippers – in the form of glue beads or squiggly lines – to both ends of the hanger!

Anti-slip shoes and mats

Shoes or even floor mats that are slippery can be annoying and even dangerous. Give them a better grip by drawing patterns or big lines with the glue gun on the underside of your shoes or mats. Remember to let the glue dry completely before you turn the mat or shoe over!

Makeup brush cleaning mat

Instead of cleaning your makeup brushes with just soap, why not create your own DIY makeup brush cleaning mat? Use the glue gun to doodle squiggly lines on a hard surface such as a clip board, a container lid or a disposable plastic plate. Once the glue dries, you will end up with a textured surface. Drizzle some soap and water on your new ‘cleaning mat’, and sweep your brush in a circular motion against the ridges. You’ll be amazed to see the amount of grime that comes off!

Decorative beads

Planning to buy glass beads or marbles to spruce up your home décor or flower vases? You can make your own with the glue gun! Simply create the glue beads in different shapes and sizes, and give them a coat of acrylic paint for a snazzy look.

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