4 Interior Design Trends to Look Out for in 2021

Here are the trending interior styles that we predict will be all the rage in 2021!

1. Going Green

Houseplants have become an increasingly popular element in interior design, especially in recent times! Perhaps it’s because we’re now spending more time at home, or that more homeowners are beginning to appreciate the benefits of plants in the house! Besides livening up the space, houseplants also help to purify the air, reduce stress levels, and boost productivity.

Living room with plants
Home Tours: Oasis of Calm
House plants
House plants in bedroom

There are plenty of ways to dress up your home with houseplants – from large, leafy statement plants like Monsteras, to classy indoor blooms like peace lilies. We’ve got some handy tips on decorating with plants right here.

2. Modern Heritage

Dining room with modern heritage theme

The modern heritage interior concept is all about embracing elements of the past to create a timeless look. In 2020, we saw the return of vintage furniture, and more ethnic designs like Peranakan-inspired tiles. This trend is likely to continue, with more up-and-coming local brands specialising in bespoke furniture – think rattan consoles from Second Charm, Born in Colour and more!

Modern heritage living room
Modern heritage bathroom
Peranakan-inspired tiles
Photo: @februarynest

On its own, each piece of vintage furniture contains a lot of character. Sleek modern fittings will enhance the look, and prevent your space from looking overly-cluttered. Check out how homeowners Daria and Faizal made this concept work!

3. Cosy Pastels with Wood Accents

Pastel colours are the best for creating a calm and soothing atmosphere in your space, while wood accents help to give it a homely vibe. If you’re on Instagram often, you probably would have come across popular home stylist duo @houseofchais who are known to help their clients create welcoming, almost fairytale-like homes that nail this interior concept!

Pastel-themed bedroom
Kitchen island and bar

The pastel colour palette is best paired with more organic shapes and softer lines. Feeling adventurous? Opt for arched doorways, and mix textures and patterns to add a layered richness to the overall design!

Pastel-themed living room
Pastel-themed bedroom

4. Classy Dark interiors

Credit: @khoogj_

At the other end of the spectrum, we have dark interiors. This interior style is understandably harder to pull off because it’s easy to go overboard and end up with a grim, almost cave-like home. When done well, the result is a modern and luxurious home that won’t go out of style.

Photo: @khoogj_

The trick is to add reflective or textured surfaces into your interior, so that light can bounce off your furniture and fittings to softly illuminate your home. For example, consider fluted panels for your headboards or feature walls. The other obvious solution is to contrast the darker colours with some light colours so that the entire look does not appear too heavy. Some colour combinations could be navy blue with light grey, or dark green with light brown.