A Colourful Art House

Behind the unassuming doors of a 5-room Pasir Ris flat is an art house!

Stepping into this home, we encountered Vincent Van Gogh’s Vue d’Arles avec Irisés (View of Irises) on a wall of the living room.

Who is the artist behind the works that pay homage to the great Impressionist painter? Belinda Low is the secret admirer of Van Gogh. Looking at her living room, strewn with books on the artist, an easel, acrylic paint, and canvases, her passion is palpable.

“Painting brings much joy to my life – which otherwise can be quite boring,” she says with a laugh. She also shared that it helps her to de-stress.

Neatly stacked up are portraits that she painted of friends and even famous personalities like Michael Jackson.

Her mural can also be spotted in her son’s room which she painted to combine his 2 loves – for Sweden and coffee. The wall spots a scene from Stockholm, where her son is on a boat, sipping coffee and enjoying the scenery.

Belinda’s home is truly unique and showcases her family’s love for the arts (everyone in the family has some arts background). She is also a muralist who has decorated some HDB void decks with her paint brush. Read more about her heartland murals here.

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