A Different Kind of Kid’s Room

The world can be a big mystery for little ones, and what better place to let them discover and wonder about life’s unknowns than the safe confines of their bedroom. Move aside cars and fairy princesses, these 3 gender neutral themes will spark your kids’ imagination, and help them learn through play.

Ready, Jet Set, Go

For us adults, the travel bug bites hard, but it can be challenging to tour the globe with children in tow. Bring the world to them instead with giant maps, and make a game out of identifying countries and cities to expand their geographical knowledge.

Another easy way to inspire wanderlust is by putting up pictures of global landmarks, or various transportation options like planes, trains, ships… even hot air balloons.

If the room is meant for an older child, adding two or more clocks set at different time zones makes for a fun way to master telling time.

Jungle Fun

Make every day an adventure with a green, and brown jungle-themed bedroom. Decorate with lots of pictures, wall decals, and posters to encourage learning and curiosity for animals big and small. Besides encyclopaedias, The Jungle Book is a must-have on the bookshelf!

For a finishing touch, add a leaf canopy above the bed or drape mosquito netting over it, which does double duty to protect against insects that bite in the night. This room will be a place your ‘cheeky monkeys’ will want to hang out a lot in.

Monochrome Lovin’

If simplicity is your style, a monochrome room might just be what you are looking for. Team white furniture and walls with black accents for an impactful look, and experiment with geometric patterns and pops of colour.

To boost the learning power of the room, cover part of a wall with chalkboard paint for instant doodle space, or frame up music scores to indulge a musically-inclined child. Stuffed black and white toys, like pandas or orcas, can also pave the way for discussions on conservation with the older ones.