Buying a Flat

Collecting the Keys to Your New Home? Here’s What You Can Expect!

The Welcome Kit has been recently refreshed, to commemorate HDB’s 60th anniversary!

The Woke Salaryman Guide to Buying Your HDB Flat

Deciding between a BTO flat and resale flat? The Woke Salaryman shares some finance tips for your first flat purchase!

A Quick Guide to Inspecting Your New Home

Read this guide before rolling the pineapple!

The Case for Buying the Most Affordable Home You Can

We speak to the good folks from The Woke Salaryman on financing a flat!

A Quick Guide to HDB’s Sales Modes

Did you know that you can book a unit as early as the next working day?

Mature Versus Non-Mature Estates

Planning to purchase a flat? Make an informed decision with this guide!

Will You BTO With Me?

3 couples share their home ownership journeys. True story.

Living Closer to Home: A Guide to MCPS and MGPS

Find out how you can stay near your family!

HDB Loan vs Bank Loan

Which is one is right for you? Here's what you need to know to make a decision.

A Guide to the Enhanced CPF Housing Grant (EHG)

Enjoy housing grants of up to $80,000!

How to Buy a Resale HDB Flat

Find out how to purchase a resale flat in 5 easy steps!

Improved Fittings for New BTO Flats

Check out the new modern fittings that will be included in new BTO flats!