DIY Air Fresheners

Ever stepped into a flat reeking of stale air that made you almost faint? This happens when you shut all your windows for a long period of time, preventing fresh air from getting in.

When the soaring Pollution Standards Index (PSI) levels forced many of us to close our windows so that we do not inhale air reeking of ash, it was highly unpleasant indeed.

Did you do what we did – search the shops and trawl the internet for air fresheners to improve our air quality and comfort level?

If you didn’t, here are two practical ideas from us that you could give a try. Go ahead … we don’t charge.

Want to get rid of bad smells in your home?

Almost everything I found at the shops was pricey, and so I came up with a cheaper DIY air-freshener alternative, after arming myself with useful information gleaned online.

You only need three items:

• A small jar
• Baking soda
• Your favourite essential oil

All you have to do is to fill up a quarter of the jar with baking soda, and add in about 6 to 8 drops of essential oil into it. That’s it!

This works because baking soda absorbs odours, while essential oils provide the fragrance. Just give your jar a little shake every now and then if the fragrance from the oil seems to have faded a bit.

(Contributed by Nur Hafizah)

Want to Build an Air Filtration Device?

Maybe you could try building your own air filtration device in addition to the air freshener, like I did since the one I ordered would arrive only a couple of weeks later.

As I enjoy tinkering and making things, I thought why not build one on my own since I already have the materials I need lying around the house.

It’s not all that difficult really… here’s how:

What you need

• 1 USB powered mini fan
• 2 disposable plastic food containers (without lids)
• 4 small pieces of air-con filter medium
• Some duct tape or cloth tape


1) Cut a round hole in the base of one of the food container to put your mini fan through.
2) Switch the fan’s power button on. You won’t be able to do this once the entire set has been put together!
3) Tape the fan down securely, ensuring that all gaps are sealed up.
4) Cut four rectangular holes around the sides of the second food container.
5) Tape down the air-con filter medium to cover these four holes.
6) Put the two food containers together and seal it together. Be sure to seal every little gap, but remember to bring the USB cable up and out of the containers!
7) Now, just plug in the USB cable to a source and you’re ready to go!

(Contributed by Bertram Lee)

You can attempt both or either DIY idea to freshen up your home and chase the bad air away!

Do send us pictures of your DIY air filter or air freshener if you’ve attempted to make one during this hazy season. We’d love to have a look-see! And remember to send us any comments or feedback on our Facebook page.