In the Mood for Sleep

Since the invention of the light bulb, sleep has never been the same. We no longer go to sleep according to our circadian rhythms – we can turn night into day at the flick of a switch. Research has shown that exposure to light at the time when we are supposed to sleep can cause our internal clock to reset and eventually go haywire!

But there is help, yet.Apart from going to bed at the right time, you can literally change the mood of your bedroom by playing with the amount of light. We share 3 tips to turn your bedroom into a sleep sanctuary.

Softly illuminating

Track lighting is the quintessential feature of a modern home. It refers to light fixtures attached to a track that conceals the electrical conductors underneath. Often used to highlight unique features in a room – paintings or display shelves – these lights are highly functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Adding track lights seems counter-intuitive if you are going for the cosy feel, but the trick is to angle it properly. Rather than shining it straight on your bed, redirect the light fixture towards the wall instead. The effect you will get is soft light illuminating your bedroom.

To achieve the same lighting effect, another option is to install dimmers! These handy additions allow you to control the brightness of your light output by simply adjusting a switch. Besides being able to mimic soft accent lighting, dimmers can also reduce energy usage – ‘fading down’ the lights by 50% reduces the associated energy use by the same percentage. If you do decide to install them, do ensure that the dimmer switches are rated for the total wattage of the lights it controls.

Playing with blinds

Nothing brightens up a room like natural light. Sometimes, however, you want less of it and roller blinds are your answer to regulate the amount of light entering your bedroom.

The greatest thing about roller blinds is its versatility. Just by changing the material, you can achieve drastically different lighting effects.

If you enjoy sleeping in on the weekends, blackout blinds are perfect for you. Usually made out of thick material such as suede, these blinds can completely block off light to let you snooze in peace.

Alternatively, you can opt for zebra blinds. These have horizontal slates like venetian blinds, but made out of solid and sheer fabric that are alternated, thus giving it the striped look. The sheer parts dim the incoming light, creating that relaxing ambience in your bedroom.

Layered lights

If there is minimal natural light entering your bedroom, consider switching harsh ceiling lights with soft task and ambient lighting. ‘Soft’ lighting is basically interior designer talk for warm, yellow light. The secret is to layer your light sources, rather than just relying on overhead lights. Lamps, both standing and table lamps, are good supplementary light sources.

Another little tip is to use LED Edison bulbs – the upgraded, energy efficient version of the original Edison incandescent ones. These bare bulbs effortlessly evoke a vintage feel, thus are staples at our favourite, hole in the wall hipster cafes. But now, you too can replicate that cosiness in your own bedroom!

Lighting is a tricky and often overlooked detail in the design of bedrooms! So the next time you are thinking of revamping yours, make a mental note to consider these tips.

Lighting is a tricky and often overlooked detail in the design of bedrooms! So the next time you are thinking of revamping yours, make a mental note to consider these tips.

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