Making Blind Choices

They are stealthy creatures that keep you in the dark about the time of day, and noise from the world beyond the walls of your room. They can also be quite attention-seeking, stealing the limelight of every room in new flats these days. And they do all this without sight.

They are… BLINDS!

Window blinds are seriously gaining popularity with new home owners these days, but there is such a wide variety out there and it can be hard to decide which would be best for your new home. Don’t fret! We will bring you some insights on what is popular (and practical) these days.

Let’s start with the Italians, who have always been masters of their crafts.

1. Roman Blinds give you the best of both worlds (curtains and blinds), with its cascading fabric pleats and vertical cord system. You can choose a style of fabric that either blends in with the look of your room, or stands apart and be the focal point. They are also much easier to clean, compared to full-length curtains!

2. Venetian Blinds on the other hand, would probably not give you a soft or plush feel. However, they are perfect for recreating the trendy ‘Scandi’ or resort and spa type of look. You can have full control over the amount of sunlight streaming into your room with these blinds. Cleaning is also hardly a chore, as you can dust off each slat with a cloth or duster in no time.

Don’t be won over by the Italians just yet though. There is still more to come!

3. Roller Blinds are probably the simplest type of blinds, consisting of a long sheet of fabric curled up on a metal rod. These are a good choice for full-length windows as they are weighed down by another metal rod. If you select a material with little transparency, these will definitely keep you in bed for many hours beyond sunrise. Roller blinds are also best for ‘wet’ areas like kitchens and bathrooms as you can choose water-resistant fabric – wipe and swipe is all you need to keep them clean!

I’ve saved the best (in my opinion) for the last!

4. Rainbow/ Zebra Blinds are really cool inventions that add a modern touch to any home. By adjusting the alignment of the alternating sheer and opaque blocks on two different layers of blinds, you will have superb control over the amount of light let into your home.

We hope this has been an eye-opener for you! Time to set up a blind date with your drapery shop now!

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