New Life for Old Carpets

New Life for Old Carpets

Replacing your old carpets and rugs is an easy way to freshen up your home. But if you have no heart to toss out your old (but not quite faded) carpets, here are some ways to give them a new lease of life – from dressing up the floorboards of your car to safe-proofing your ladder!

1. As Car Mats

Want softer and better looking mats than your regular car floor mats? Cut up your old carpets or rugs to fit your car floorboards and voila, you have it! You can also line the boot of your car to protect the existing carpet.

2. Muffle Noise

If you think that your washer or dryer is excessively loud, place a piece of scrap carpet or rug underneath it. It helps to absorb the thumping noises the next time you do your laundry!

3. Moving heavy furniture

Moving heavy pieces of furniture is not only difficult, but it could also do serious damage to your floor. Try placing small pieces of carpet or rug underneath the legs of a bed, cupboard or dresser to prevent scratches on your flooring.

4. Scrub Window Screens

Carpets can even be used for cleaning! Dip a piece of carpet or rug into warm, soapy water, and rub the ‘furry’ side onto your window screens to get rid of the dust and build-up.

5. Make your own exercise pad

Keep pieces of carpet for exercise. Make your own yoga mat or exercise pad from your old carpet or rug for the home workout!

6. Keep floors dry

If you keep live plants indoor, place a small piece of carpet underneath the pots to absorb overflowing water.

7. Safe-proof your ladder

Cut a small piece of carpet or rug to fit the bottom rung of the ladder. This helps clean your shoe soles before climbing to reduce the risk of slipping.

8. Cushion kitchen shelves

Carpets or rugs can also serve as lining for your cabinets. Reduce the clatter when you put away your pots and pans by placing a piece of carpet or rug (cut to size) in the cabinet drawers.
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