Plant Your Decor

Colour, flooring, and furniture – these are some elements you typically consider when it comes to deciding on your home decor style. However, did you know that greenery is becoming a popular interior design tool? And we are not talking about that one lonely pot on your coffee table – but lots and loads of greenery!

Having indoor plant can instantly change the whole look and feel of your home decor, and totally transform your home atmosphere. It can also ‘clean’ the air you breathe if you choose the right plants.

Game? Here are some ideas on how you can achieve living and breathing home decor – literally

Go Up

Going up is the best way to try out your green thumbs indoors if horizontal space in your home is limited. Indoor vertical gardens can also help you enhance certain walls, or simply act as the centrepiece of your living room.

Vertical gardens provide a fresh breath of colour that is pleasing to the eye

Hanging pots of plants or plants framed up in shelves is another way to incorporate greenery vertically. But do make sure that you keep all the hanging elements indoors and not outside where they can pose as potential killer litter!

Include some trailing leaves for a whimsical effect

Go Big

Go big and display that one single large and beautiful plant which will be the centre of attraction for any room. For large plants, it is wise to place it in a corner so that it does not turn out to be an obstacle each time you walk across the room.

Large potted plants can also help soften the look for ‘heavy’ decor themes (such as monochrome or industrial style)

Here is another tip to achieve better synergy in terms of decor style, especially when large plants are involved – try matching them with the other furniture present in the room. An example is to go for colours which complement one another.

Experiment with unexpected colours to jazz things up

Go Small

If you prefer going small, then make up for it with quantity. Incorporate small pots or vases of plants across the room for refreshing pops of greenery everywhere you look. It is a good idea to include small pots of herbs too as you’ll never know when you might need some in the kitchen.

You can also go beyond the traditional pots and consider terrariums as well. But whatever it is, grouping the elements in odd number (in threes or fives) will make them more aesthetically pleasing!

As with all life decisions, do plan beforehand and think about how you can maintain the indoor plants you wish to have as part of your home decor. Once that is settled, feel free to experiment with the different colours and combinations of plants.

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