Scandi, Eclectic & More: A Guide to Trendy Interior Styles

It may come as a surprise, but many interior design styles actually share similar aesthetics. Take minimalist and Scandinavian homes for instance – both styles feature simple and clean neutral palettes.

That said, the process of choosing the right style for your home can be confusing for some new home-owners. But worry not, as we’re about to make the process a whole lot easier (and fun) for you, with quick guides to trendy interior styles.

1. Scandinavian

The Scandinavian style is a great fit for homeowners who embrace the “less is more” approach, where the design and décor are kept to the minimum.

As the colour palette is relatively neutral, light additions of warm, wood tones and sepia hues are recommended to help make your home feel more welcoming without being overwhelming. Décor items such as carpets, throw pillows, day curtains in neutral and pastel colours, along with plants, can also be used to play up the cosy, lived-in atmosphere.

2. Contemporary

Contemporary living room
Photo: Couple Abode

By definition, contemporary means ‘belonging to or occurring in the present’. Right now, it’s all about sleek forms, practical built-ins, metallic accents and minimalism.

While most features complement each other, you can also throw in a few textures and prints for contrast, resulting in an aesthetic that is sleek and fresh.

3. Modern

The modern design style might seem similar like “contemporary”, but it was meant to be the antithesis of the ornate Gothic, Renaissance and Victorian styles. Hence, unlike the contemporary style, it doesn’t evolve with the times.

Of course, the modern home does have its iconic features. It usually comprises clean, sleek lines, while chrome finishes are also common. All these attributes make for a home that’s timeless and chic.

4. Minimalist

The minimalist home eliminates everything that is unnecessary. In true minimalist fashion, only the essential elements are found in the home. More emphasis is placed on keeping the spaces at home organised. Think pockets of storage concealed behind walls, cabinets and furniture – any feature that helps with de-cluttering.

So, if you have the discipline to keep the home organised, this might be the style for you!

5. Industrial

When it comes to utility, the industrial-styled space has almost every other design beat. It doesn’t dress up the unfinished elements, but rather emphasises them – for instance, the exposed pipes, brick detailing and cement screed come together to create bold statements.

You’ll even be able to fit in an upcycled/recycled piece of furniture: distressed leather or time-worn wood are great complements to the raw and edgy feel of the industrial style! Talk about sustainable living.

6. Eclectic

If you’re game to try something less conventional, the eclectic design style may be right up your alley! Combining a mishmash of styles, influences and inspirations, it offers a relatively more personalised look.

With a plethora of contrasting textures and colours, nailing the eclectic theme can be challenging. Start by picking out a core palette before building around it for a more cohesive look. If done right, you’ll come to find that an eclectic home offers a more lived-in, but no less visually arresting, appearance.

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