Useful Design Tips for the Entryways of your Home

First impression matters! The home entryway welcomes your visitors when they step into your home. It’s also the first thing you see when you return home. If you put some thought into the form and function of this space, you will be surprised at the difference a well-designed entranceway can make.

Make a Grand Entrance

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A mirror is a great piece for making an impression – what’s more fascinating than you and your visitors’ own reflection? Of course, for practical purposes, not only can it create the illusion of a bigger space, it’s also perfect for last minute outfit adjustments before you step out the door.

Oversized mirrors can make a stylish statement by filling up empty spaces on the wall. Gold, silver or black framed mirrors can provide an accent to the space, while easily complementing most home décor. Instead of angular mirrors, consider rounded ones as they provide a softer look – perfect for achieving cosy vibes.

Keep It Tidy

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If there’s one thing everyone needs to get through their front door, it’s your house keys. If you’re constantly misplacing them (like most of us), fret not! These gorgeous organisers are designed with functionality in mind, and help keep you organised.

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Here’s another trick to neaten up your entryway – with a shoe storage bench! Instead of the usual stool, consider a shoe bench with storage space for optimal functionality and aesthetic points!

Already own a shoe cabinet? Try placing a foam cushion on top to make a comfy seat!

Smelling Fresh

Lavender and Pandan leaves can also double up as home decor
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Apart from moisture absorbers, consider potting some dried lavender or pandan leaves by your entranceway. Not only do these plants beautify your entrance, but it also gives off a pleasant fragrance when you enter your home. The scent of lavender also has stress relief properties and keeps mosquitos at bay, while pandan leaves can help to ward off other pests. Plus, they require minimal maintenance – making them perfect for busy homeowners!

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