Buying your first HDB flat is an exciting milestone for many Singaporeans. Join Nadia as she shows you around her cosy 5-room resale flat in Ang Mo Kio and shares why she chose to buy her first home in that estate – it goes back to her childhood! 

Photo of Nadia reading at home

It was love at first sight for Nadia when she viewed the resale unit, while searching for a suitable place of her own. She had decided on buying a resale flat due to the wide selection of locations available as well as the immediate availability for occupancy

As a first-time single home buyer, Nadia qualified for the Singles Grant. In addition, she also enjoyed the Proximity Housing Grant as her flat was located near her parents’ place.  With these grants, Nadia was able to purchase a larger unit so that her parents can move in with her in future. 

Besides these two grants, eligible home buyers can also enjoy the Enhanced CPF Housing Grant. If they qualify for all three grants, a first-time single home buyer of a resale flat can enjoy up to a total of $80,000 in grants.

Watch the following video for a tour of Nadia’s bright and airy home, as she shares her home story. You too, can write your own home sweet home story!