Thinking of hacking a wall in your flat to create an open concept layout, but want to keep your renovation budget low? Here are some wallet-friendly ideas to achieve the desired look!

  1. Start Small
Interior Firm: Free Space Intent

You don’t have to remove the entire wall to combine two rooms. Instead, hack a small portion of the wall and install a sliding door in between. It’s a good way to combine your bedroom with a walk-in wardrobe or a home office.

2. Opt for Floating Shelves

As built-in shelves often require wall hacking, why not consider suspended shelves instead, and achieve a unique aesthetic on a lower budget! You can even include a wooden tabletop between two suspended shelves as your work desk.

3. Go Transparent

Glass partitions are a popular option for demarcating space in your flat. Instead of floor-to-ceiling partitions, replace the top half of the wall with glass to incorporate the same spacious vibe.

Interior Firm: Summerhaus D’zign
Interior Firm: KDOT

In some cases, you may need to hack the whole wall and reconstruct its bottom half before inserting the glass partition. So do check with your interior designer before opting for this design element.

Interior Firm: Free Space Intent

Some home owners may also choose to hack two adjoining walls in an L-shape configuration before replacing them with glass.

Another option is to hack only one wall and replace the usual room door with a transparent glass door. This leaves the adjoining beam untouched, which helps with lowering your renovation cost while achieving the same visual effect as an L-shaped glass wall.

4. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Interior Firm: Fineline Design

Looking to make your home feel more spacious without hacking walls? The simplest (and most cost-effective) method is by installing full length mirrors. Beyond acting as reflective surfaces, mirrors can give the illusion of a bigger space.

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