Metals never go out of style. Interior designers may not always agree on which metals are in or out this season, but furnishing your interiors with metallics adds extra sparkle, instantly adding sophistication to your space.Want to get on board this perennial trend? Here are 4 ways to do it.

1. Try Different Finishes

Kitchens and bathrooms are the easiest rooms where you can incorporate metal into your interior design.

Following the domination of shiny and glossy metallic finishes last season, you can expect a revival of the industrial aesthetic – think burnished metals, black or silver stainless steel.

Alternatively, you may prefer metals with a matte finish. From kitchen appliances to bathroom faucets and shelving, the brushed metal look gives your home a modern sophisticated appeal.

2. Go for Gold

The industrial theme with its cool-toned metals is not your cup of tea? No problem – warm metals like bronze and gold are classics for a reason.

Be it patterns on your cushions or light fittings, these timeless metals lend a warm glow and elegance to your space. You can also try combining different finishes of the same colour metal such as matte and metallic gold to keep things interesting.

If you are not into sleek styles, go for antique brass fixtures or vintage copper home ware instead of their polished counterparts.

3. Use Mixed Metals

Not ready to say goodbye to brass, copper or rose gold? The hype over these ‘It’ metals of 2016 may be dwindling, but there are subtle ways they can continue to be part of your home decor.

There is a clear preference for mixed metals at the moment, as people embrace and fuse the best elements of minimalist and industrial design. Offset more neutral metals like chrome and polished nickel with warm accents. Accessorise strategically with well-chosen pieces like brass lamps, copper vases or rose gold trays for a more organic vibe.

4. Balance Metals with Other Materials

Another creative direction with mixing metals is to set them off against contrasting materials including wood and stone. Explore pairing metals with natural materials – gold and concrete, brushed silver with timber, copper against clay – the possibilities are endless!

Besides the raw and earthy, opt for softer textures to balance out the glimmer of metal. For instance, blending in a touch of velvet or wool would complement your metallic pieces while upping the glamour of your space.

The metallic trend is both fun and versatile – we hope these tips help you form your own unique interpretation of it! Share your ideas with us at and check us out on Facebook too.

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