Bohemian style is one of the biggest interior trends in vogue. A mixture of eclecticism, shabby chic and whimsy that is unique to the person who created it, no bohemian abode is quite alike!

This style is perfect for free spirits who enjoy thinking out of the box. At the core of bohemianism is a disregard for the traditional, and a penchant for the unconventional. ?

Want to nail that cool gypsy vibe for your space? Here are some ways to get started!

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Mismatched Colours

Forget about playing things safe – mixing without matching is quintessential to bohemian style. Dare to paint your walls in bright colours such as magenta or saffron. Or add splashes of jewel hues with accent pillows or drapes.

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Prints and Patterns

Layering is another key element in boho style. Play around with contrasting textiles such as embroidered throws, colourful woven rugs and delicate lace for your space. Bold animal, floral or ethnic prints are an easy way to dial up the exotic factor!

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Vintage and Antique Furnishings

Enrich your home with vintage ornaments or antique finds. Whether it is an ornate lamp or your personal collection of old guitars, items with some history give character and can even double as decorative pieces for your home.

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Wall Hangings

Get creative with your wall art – from elaborate macramé knots to a simple dream catcher, woven wall hangings are a staple of most bohemian homes. Also try hanging tapestries off your walls for greater visual impact and textural interest.

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Flora and Fauna

Finally, complete the boho look with a touch of nature! You can hang creeping plants such as English ivy in macramé planters off the ceiling, or place houseplants in woven baskets and ceramic pots. For something that requires a little less upkeep, consider decorating with flower garlands or dried flower bouquets.

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