(Photo courtesy of Fiszuanie and Ashik)

Going for the monochromatic interior style can be quite a bold move towards creating a chic, classy ambiance. We have some tips to share if you are dreaming up a minimalist abode.

Start with white

While there are many chic homes with bold contrasts of black and white, consider starting with white, or off-white neutral spaces. White naturally makes rooms feel more spacious and inviting. It is also easier to redecorate later without much rework – after all, your taste might change a few years down the road.

Keep your surfaces white too, as dust would show up easily on darker surfaces. You may also wish to explore using matte surfaces if you know that you won’t have much time to keep those shiny surfaces polished.

You may also want to declutter and repurpose decorative items that fit the theme. Painting them white works well! (Photo courtesy of Fiszuanie and Ashik)

Hot n’ cold lights

Neutral tones for walls and surfaces are easily ‘coloured’ by light, be it from interior lighting or natural light from outside. We suggest to ditch the cool lights and go with neutral or warm lighting, so that your home does not end up feeling like an edgy, soulless store at Marina Bay Sands. Having sheer white curtains also help to shield away any conflicting colours from outside, while providing soft amounts of sunlight in.

Monochromatic does not mean choosing ceramic white and piano black for everything. Mix neutral tones and textures to make your rooms more inviting.

Filler shades of grey

Your home would end up looking quite stark and sterile if it is just black and white. Explore using different shades of grey to space out the opposites, and to give your home some visual dimension and rhythm in the overall look. Marble is a good substitute that is popular, and the highly-desirable look can be affordably simulated through tiles and laminates.

Settle on a third colour with your other half and add it to the look for that special pop of colour. (Photo courtesy of Julian and Dawn)

Break the monotony

It does not mean that your home needs to stick to greys, black and white faithfully and risk it becoming monotonous mashes of grey. Use accents – be in with a dash of silver, or a swish of gold – to add a chic streak. Alternatively, consider placing some organic elements such as wood tones, or plants, to soften the look.

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  • Adeline Ang

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