It’s (almost) the most wonderful time of the year. With Christmas just around the corner, many of us would be holiday shopping. Whether you’re shopping for first-time or existing home owners, here’s a list of thoughtful gift ideas to celebrate the holidays with!

1. Home Décor

For home owners who can never quite finish sprucing the room, these gifts will fit any interiors.

Photos: Ohleaf

If you’re shopping for a minimalist, the decorative vases by Ohleaf offer the perfect aesthetic. Each vase is individually handcrafted with quality clay, ensuring no two designs are the same. The local brand also offers dining ware such as mugs and plates, so you have the additional option of gifting a matching set!

Christmas-themed preserved flowers
Photo: Windflower Florist

Florals are a sure way to brighten up the room. From fresh flower bouquets to Christmas-themed preserved flowers in a jar, there’s something for every home owner.

The Just Peachy Seashell features fresh flowers
Photo: Anndol Floral

For a more creative touch, opt for Anndol Floral’s flowers in unique vases that are inspired by seashells, art sculptures and more. As special collections such as the Just Peachy Seashell are available only in limited quantities, it’s fastest fingers first!

Photo: Concrete Everything

Not only can you shop for crafted gifts, you can also make yours at Concrete Everything. The local brand offers a series of handmade, practical home décor pieces such as trays and coasters. They also offer the Marbled Coaster DIY Kit and Clock Starter Kit for those who prefer to get their hands dirty – a perfect gift for craft lovers.

2. Candles & Diffusers

Hush’s holiday gift boxes comprise Christmas-themed scents such as Gingerbread and Fruitcake
Photo: Hush

Handcrafted from soy wax and therapeutic-grade essential oils, candles from Hush are made from natural ingredients, without chemicals or preservatives. Depending on size, the candles have up to 50 hours of burn time and double up as décor items. You can opt for festive-themed scents, such as the Gingerbread and Fruitcake Candle. Christmas gift boxes comprising candles and room sprays are also available.

Popular scents from Breathe Essentials Co include White Tea & Ginger and Lavender Fields
Photo: Breathe Essentials Co

Breathe Essentials Co is another homegrown brand that specialises in scented, hand-poured candles. Its unique fragrances are formulated locally, with scents such as Cookie Dough and Balsam & Clove.

Photo: Shopee

Reed diffusers  are fuss-free and available in a variety of scents. From floral to fruity to spicy, all you have to do is place the reeds in the bottle and you’ll have a home filled with your favourite fragrance. Reed diffusers like these can last up to two months and can be easily refilled or replaced.

The Christmas Bundle includes a holiday-themed diffuser and scents
Photo: Flo

If you’re looking to splurge a little, Flo offers diffuser kits that are waterless and heatless. The electric diffuser consists of a glass chamber and a wooden base – simply pour in the desired essential oil and let it do its magic. You can also find Christmas-themed scents such as Candy Cane, Xmas Tree, and Spiced Orange.

3. Tableware

Serving trays, coasters, even crockery can be used as home décor, and are perfect for those who love hosting guests.

Square Wave Plate
Photo: Eat & Sip

Eat & Sip curates the ceramic work of both local and global artisans to showcase their craft and tell their stories. You can find a wide variety of uniquely designed tableware, ranging from snack plates to teacups. The couple behind the store also works with local artists on special collections from time to time.

Photos: Table Matters

Serving trays, bowls and glassware – you name it, and Table Matters would likely have it. This locally-founded shop specialises in, you guessed it, tableware including bowls, saucers and cutlery. Gifting for a culinary master? Shop from their cookware such as ceramic pots and baking dishes.

4. Eco-Friendly Ware

Sustainable living begins at home. With most of us working from home, there is no better time than now to invest in reusable takeaway boxes.

Lexngo’s Flexi Lock Container makes storage convenient
Photo: Lexngo

Due to their compact size, collapsible meal boxes have enjoyed immense popularity. In addition to the standard lunchbox, Lexngo’s range also includes ones that come with dividers and cutleries. The boxes are made from silicone, and are microwave and dishwasher safe.

Dabao your food with the fuss-free Pockeat food bag
Photo: Agooday

Made of heat-resistant and waterproof material, say goodbye to Styrofoam boxes and plastic bags with Pockeat. This compact food bag is designed to store all types of food – yes, including soupy dishes (think cai png, fish soup and the like). Simply place your food in the bag, secure it with the adhesive strip and you’re good to go. The smaller bag has a maximum capacity of 2 litres while the larger bag can hold up to 3 litres.

Photo: @fellowproducts

Whether it’s an iced chai latte or kopi peng, the Fellow Carter Everywhere Mug is the perfect tumbler. Its interior ceramic coating keeps your beverage free of odours and oils, while its leak-proof seal makes it the perfect mug on-the-go. The best part? The mug comes with a double wall vacuum that retains heat for 12 hours and stays cold for 24 hours. Trust us, we’ve tried it.

The Everywhere Mug comes in a variety of colours and 2 sizes (355ml and 470ml), and can be purchased locally from Glyph Supply Co.

Photo: Bykurahome

Here’s an eco-friendly alternative to Ziplock bags: the Mojo Silicone Bag by Bykurahome is great for keeping food fresh. Not only are these versatile and sealable storage bags reusable, they are microwave, dishwasher and freezer-friendly. Did we mention that these bags are also ideal for sous vide cooking?

The Mojo Silicone Bag also comes in 3 different sizes and 2 different colours for better food categorisation.

With this list of Christmas gift ideas, we hope holiday shopping is less daunting. Check out more home design ideas here.

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