With Christmas just around the corner, many of us would be (or already have done) holiday shopping. Looking for something for first-time homeowners? Here’s a list of thoughtful gift ideas to celebrate their new home this Christmas!

1. Coffee Brewing Kits

From brewing kits to coffee machines, these gift ideas are the perfect companion to kickstart the morning.

The Stay Home Brew Kit consists of a 200ml kettle, ground coffee and drippers
Photo: @homeground.coffee

For drip coffee fans, Homeground Coffee Roasters’ Stay Home Brew Kit ($30) provides all the necessary equipment for a fuss-free brewing experience that’ll have your coffee ready in 2 minutes.

The Hario Cold Brew Maker Bundle from Hook Coffee ($68) features a cold brew bottle and three bags of ground coffee (80g)
Photo: @hook_coffee

Did you know that you can make cold brew on your own? With this beverage being all the rage, there’s no better time than now to gift your coffee-loving friend their own cold brew kit.

This all-in-one device from Roastedly grinds and brews your coffee at the same time
Photo: Roastedly

In a hurry and want a fresh cup of coffee quick? Roastedly’s electric brewer ($99) grinds your coffee beans before brewing it – an all-in-one device! This gift is perfect for those who need a quick dose of caffeine.

2. Water Dispensers

Have a friend who is fond of making themselves hot beverages? An instant hot water dispenser is all they need.

The Xiaomi VIOMI’s compact design makes it compatible with most living areas
Photo: Lazada

Not only does the Xiaomi VIOMI water dispenser ($59) provide instant hot water, there is also a range of temperature presets (from room temperature to 100°C) to choose from.

Photo: Delonghi

Prefer boiling hot water only when needed? One can do so with Delonghi’s Icona Vintage Kettle. In addition to boiling water, the stylish kettle can also be used as a water jug.

3. Dining Ware

From serving trays to coasters, crockery can also be used as home décor, and is especially perfect for those who love hosting.

Photo: @lovera_collections

Local shop Lovera Collections offers a wide variety of dining ware that comes with eye-catching prints. Pretty and practical, the crockery is also available in sets at wallet-friendly prices. For instance, their Honey Bee rice bowls, which come in a set of four, are priced at $28.90, while a set of three from the Seashell collection (one salad, dinner and dessert plate) costs $37.90. Plus, all dinnerware is microwave and dishwasher safe.

Kylie II Serving Plate ($21.90) and Elske Ombre Teacup with Saucer ($8.90)
Photos: Fortytwo

Serving trays, bowls and glassware – you name it, and Fortytwo probably has it. This local furnishing shop provides a wide variety of dining ware items, so you’ll definitely find something here!

4. Eco-Friendly Ware

Sustainable living begins at home. With most of us working from home, there is no better time than now to invest in reusable takeaway boxes.

Lexngo’s Collapsible FlexiBox ($25) makes storage convenient
Photo: Lexngo

Due to their compact size, collapsible meal boxes have enjoyed immense popularity. In addition to the standard lunchbox, Lexngo’s range also includes ones that come withdividers and cutleries.  The boxes are made from silicone and are microwave and dishwasher safe.

Photo: Bykurahome

Here’s an eco-friendly alternative to Ziplock bags: the sealable silicone bags by Bykurahome ($36.90) are great for keeping food fresh. Not only are these versatile storage bags reusable, they are microwave, dishwasher and freezer friendly. They also come in two different sizes and four different colours for better food categorisation.

Photo: Bamboo Straw Girl

Helmed by an advocate for green-living, Bamboo Straw Girl was one of the first few local enterprises to introduce reusable bamboo straws locally. The store offers an array of reusables, including bamboo cutlery sets, bento boxes and of course, straws. So the next time your recipient dabaos food, they can also play a part for the environment.

5. Candles & Diffusers

The Dusk candle ($29.90) features a floral Geranium, earthy Patchouli and Spice scent perfect for wind-down evenings
Photo: Candles of Light

Handcrafted from soy and beeswax, candles from Candles of Light are scented with pure essential oils and natural botanicals. Depending on the size, the candles have up to 40 hours of burn time and double up as décor items.

Photo: Lazada

Available in 24 scents, HOOGA’s reed diffusers ($16.90) are fuss-free and effective. From floral to fruity to spicy, all you have to do is place the reeds in the bottle and you’ll have a home filled with your favourite scent. The 200ml bottles can last up to two months and can be easily refilled or replaced.

Photo: Flo

For something a little more upscale, Flo offers diffuser kits (from $198) that are waterless and heatless. The electric diffuser consists of a glass chamber and a wooden base – simply pour in the desired essential oil and let it do its magic.

With this list, we hope holiday shopping is less daunting. Have gift ideas to share? Simply drop us a note at mynicehome@mailbox.hdb.gov.sg

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