HDB resale flat buyers and sellers can now use the new HDB Resale Portal, launched on 1 January 2018.

The HDB Resale Portal streamlines all the resale of flats processes into a single platform, and provides a step-by-step guide for flat buyers and sellers throughout the resale transaction.

Using the HDB Resale Portal will benefit you in many ways:

– Shortens resale transaction time by up to 8 weeks
– Reduces manual entry of personal information
– Integrates all resale-related services
– Reduces number of appointments with HDB (Only 1 appointment required!)

With this portal, you can get instant results on your eligibility to buy a flat, housing grants, and HDB concessionary housing loan. Other important information, such as the Ethnic Integration Policy quota, upgrading status, upgrading costs billing status, and recent resale flat transactions nearby, have also been included in the HDB Resale Portal.

Here are the key steps to guide you in using the resale portal.

1. Register intent to buy/ sell

You must first register your intent to buy or sell a flat on the HDB Resale Portal. Your personal particulars will be automatically retrieved and populated from the Government’s MyInfo service.

2. Search for a flat and get an Option to Purchase (OTP)

Once you have found a resale flat within your budget, you will need to obtain an OTP from the seller. You have 21 days to exercise the OTP.

3. Choose the mode of financing

As a flat buyer, you will need to decide how you intend to finance the flat purchase. You can either use cash, CPF savings, or obtain a housing loan. If you wish to obtain an HDB housing loan, the HDB Resale Portal will guide you to apply for an HDB Eligibility Letter.

4. Request value of flat from HDB

If you are financing the flat purchase with your CPF savings and/or housing loan, you are required to submit a request to HDB to confirm the loan quantum and the amount of CPF savings you can use. You will pay HDB a processing fee of $120 (including GST).

Flat buyers can only submit a Request for Valuation after the seller has granted them an OTP. They will need to submit the Page 1 of the OTP and Request for Valuation, to HDB by the next working day after the OTP date.

If HDB requires valuation of the flat to be done, HDB’s appointed valuer will carry out the flat inspection within 3 working days after informing the seller. Flat buyers can check the flat’s valuation in the HDB Resale Portal within 10 working days from the inspection date.

5. Submit resale application

Both flat buyers and sellers must submit their respective portions of the resale application with the supporting documents to the HDB Resale Portal, after the OTP has been exercised. They will need to pay an administrative fee, depending on the flat type.

HDB will verify the information and notify the buyers and sellers of the application outcome, typically within 8 weeks.

6. Acknowledge resale documents

HDB will compute and prepare the documents for buyers and sellers to endorse in the HDB Resale Portal. Both parties must endorse the documents within 6 days.

7. Pay resale fee

Flat buyers and sellers are required to pay online for the legal and stamp fees using the HDB Resale Portal.

8. Wait for HDB’s approval

HDB will inform flat buyers and sellers once the application has been approved. The approval letter will be available on the HDB Resale Portal.

9. Attend completion appointment

Flats buyers and sellers must attend the Completion Appointment at HDB Hub to complete the resale transaction.

In summary, here are the steps for flat buyers and sellers:

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