HDB has announced sleeker, more modern fittings for the new BTO flats, starting from those launched in the February 2019 sales exercise. These improved fittings are part of HDB’s efforts to provide well-designed, quality homes that continue to meet residents’ evolving tastes and needs.

More Durable and Functional Main Door and Gate

The changes start from the entrance to your new home. Say hello to a modern-looking steel gate which will replace the wrought iron gate. For greater convenience, this new gate comes with an interior thumb-turn knob, which means you no longer need a key to open the gate from the inside when it is locked!

You can also look forward to a more scratch-resistant and durable laminated timber main door, which will replace the current timber veneered one.

Kitchen Upgrades

The top-hung windows between the kitchen and service yard will replace the louvered vent windows, making it easier for you to clean them. With the new design, you can even build your kitchen cabinets right up to the windows for more storage space!

Adding to the more modern aesthetic of new flats, a 20mm drop will replace the ramp at the threshold between the kitchen and service yard. This gives a more modern look and layout to the flat and it still complies with Universal Design standards, which means that it will remain accessible for residents in wheelchairs.

Ceramic floor and wall tiles will make way for larger glazed porcelain tiles, which are more resistant to wear and tear, and come in a wide range of designs. Together with the open concept kitchen, this change will give a more uniform look across the entire flat.

Better Bathroom Fittings

The larger, glazed porcelain tiles will also be seen in the bathrooms, as will the 20mm drop at the threshold between the bathroom and living room. In addition, the bathrooms of your new flat will come with better quality and water-efficient sanitary fittings. This includes a new range of dual-flush low capacity water closets of contemporary designs. To give the bathrooms a more modern look, new fittings such as a top-hung window and durable concealed floor traps will also be installed.

TLDR? Here is a summary of the improved fittings that will be found in new BTO flats:

We hope you are as excited as we are for the new changes! Be sure to share the good news with your friends and family.

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