The first meeting can sometimes be awkward. You may be a little apprehensive and even fear rejection if you say hello to your neighbour and get a cold stare in return. That might happen, but usually, a smile and a hello never fails to warm the heart.

We share some simple and fuss-free ways to help break the ice.

1. Hello, It’s Me

The next time you see your new neighbour, remember to say hello and start a conversation. Engage in small talk, and ask about their day or their home renovation progress. If you are in a hurry and do not have time to stop and chat, a simple hello with a smile is all it takes to be friendly.

Or you can check out this video to see how we can greet our neighbours in different ways! After all, friendly neighbours create stronger community ties.

2. Bind Ties Through Food

They say the way to your partner’s heart is through delicious food. Well, the same theory applies to building a good neighbourly relationship!

Arrange a small party – whip out your favourite recipes, share the food (and calories). If you wish to try something new, check out our rendang penne recipe that would definitely be a great conversation starter.

If cooking is not your forte, you could also invite your neighbour to a meal at the nearby mall or food centre. Bonding over food is an excellent opportunity to uncover similar interests that would make a great start to future interactions.

3. Offer A Helping Hand

Do you remember how it was like when you first moved into your new flat?

Part of being a good neighbour is to help each other out. So extending a helping hand to your neighbours as they settle into their new home might just be the best way to break the ice.

You could offer to take care of their children while they clean up the renovation debris, or help to hold the lift door when they are laden with things. You can be sure your new neighbours will return the favour in the future.

4. Arrange a Playdate

Children are always the best at breaking the ice between strangers. If you and your new neighbours have children of similar ages, why not arrange an informal playdate?

Parents with young children would definitely agree on the perks of having other parents living nearby for physical and moral support. You could also exchange parenting tips or share baby items, such as baby chairs or strollers, between both families’ children.

Great neighbours make great company, and create a pleasant living environment for all. If you have more ways to get to know your new neighbours, share them with us via!

  • Theresa Ong

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