The keys have been collected, the pineapple rolled, and the obligatory Instagram shot posted. What comes next for new BTO owners? If your answer was “Renovation!”, hold up, it is best to check the flat first.

Where do I start?

Arm yourself with masking tape and a pencil. Go around the house and mark out any chipped floor tiles, hairline cracks, or scratches on timber floors. You should also check that all the keys work. Should there be items that require rectification, list them in the Defects Feedback Form which is included in your Welcome Kit.

Thereafter, head to the on-site Building Service Centre (BSCs) within 7 days from key collection to submit your form. Its operating hours can be found in your Welcome Kit as well! Staff from the BSC will then arrange for a joint inspection with you to verify the items reported, before the contractor commences the rectification works. The latter generally takes about 2 weeks to complete.

If you collected your keys late and the BSC is no longer on-site, do contact the HDB Branch instead.

Defects vs Imperfections

It is understandable that you will have high expectations for your new home, since it is a big ticket item. However, many of the perceived ‘defects’ are in fact imperfections, such as minor variation in colour tone of the floor tiles or timber floor, and differences in size of the joints between tiles.

These arise due to the manual nature of construction work, and even the inherent nature of materials that we use. Timber, being an organic material, has varying grains and colour for example. Similarly, the size and tonality of floor tiles may vary slightly from batch to batch, as with any manufacturing process. It is thus not possible for floors to have a perfectly homogenous look.

Fun fact—did you know that we have a team at HDB that does a final inspection of the BTO flat before we hand it over to you? Watch the video here. We take the quality of our flats seriously, and ensure that our workmanship meet industry standards.

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