Getting the key to your flat soon? You might have been swimming through home décor magazines and websites for renovation ideas. Here’s  a checklist to help you make the next big step towards your dream home.

How do I get the right people for the job?

Having decided on the décor theme for your home, you may want to engage an interior designer to create the perfect decor for you. However, to carry out the renovation works, you will need to ensure that the contractor is listed in HDB’s Directory of Renovation Contractors.

In addition, for certain types of works, you would need to engage contractors who are approved or licensed by the relevant authorities:

Do I need to apply for a renovation permit?

Renovation works involve varying levels of complexity, so some types of works can only be carried out with a renovation permit.

Once you have settled on a renovation contractor listed in HDB’s Directory, visit the HDB InfoWEB to find out whether the planned renovation requires an HDB renovation permit. If so, you should only commence the renovation after the permit is obtained.

For renovation works that do not require a permit, there are still some key points to note. You can check out the guidelines on building work and sanitary work in HDB flats on the HDB InfoWEB.

Do I need HDB’s approval if I want to knock down a wall?

Certain types of renovation works, such as the demolishment or construction of interior walls, need to be evaluated and approved by HDB before they can be carried out. Unauthorised renovation may affect the building integrity and, in turn, the safety of everyone in the block!

The renovation contractor needs to submit a scanned copy of the floor plan showing the proposed works in the e-application to HDB.

You may already have a copy of your flat’s floor plan from the sales brochure collected during the selection of your flat.  If not, you can purchase it online from the HDB InfoWEB or in person at the HDB Hub.

Do I need to tell my neighbours about my renovation?

The Notice of Renovation, issued by HDB, must be displayed outside your flat once the renovation commences, and until all the works have been completed. Your appointed renovation contractor also needs to inform your neighbours about the renovation at least 3 days before they start work.

As the flat is ultimately your home, you need to ensure that the works adhere to HDB’s requirements and guidelines. So do visit the flat every now and then to check on the renovation.

Also take note of the specific timings when the works can be carried out:

  • General renovation: 9am – 6pm, Mondays to Saturdays

  • Noisy works (e.g. drilling works, demolition/ removal of walls): 9am – 5pm on weekdays only, excluding public holidays

  • DIY household installations: Avoid early hours in the morning and night time

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