Selling a flat? Here’s what you need to know about the HDB Resale Portal.

The HDB Resale Portal was created to streamline the process of buying and selling resale flats. With eligibility checks and other processes integrated into the same portal, home owners can even sell their flat on their own, without a salesperson.

1. Get Your Home Ready

Selling your home may be  unfamiliar to you, but we’re here to help! Check out our tips to make your flat selling journey as smooth as possible.

2. Register Intent to Sell at the HDB Resale Portal

Once you have confirmed with your flat buyer on the sale, and have mutually agreed on the selling price, you need to get the formal process started by registering your intent to sell on the HDB Resale Portal.

With the handy SingPass Mobile App, signing in is a breeze. By scanning a QR Code during the login process, your personal information from the Government’s MyInfo service will be automatically and securely populated into the HDB Resale Portal.

When you register the intent to sell, the HDB Resale Portal will also obtain information about your flat to help facilitate the sale – these include whether you have fulfilled the Minimum Occupation Period, and the Ethnic Integration Policy (EIP) quota prescribed to your precinct and neighbourhood.

The next step is to wait for 7 days – the cooling-off period – before you can proceed further. Take this time to exchange information with your buyer for the Option to Purchase (OTP). You can download the OTP form from the HDB Resale Portal (or HDB InfoWEB beforehand) to understand the terms and get started on the sections that you will need to fill in.

The OTP is a contractual document used for HDB resale transactions. Under the Housing and Development Act, sellers (and buyers) must use the Option to Purchase for any sale or purchase of flats. No gentlemen’s agreement or special handshake allowed!

3. Grant The OTP

After 7 days, you can sign on the completed OTP form and grant it to your buyer. You and your buyer will also need to agree on the Option Fee (a sum between $1 to $1,000) which will be paid to you and acts as a “deposit” for the OTP.

The Option you’ve granted to the buyer is valid for 21 calendar days and expires at 4pm on the 21st day. During this period, you will not be able to grant the Option to another buyer. Even if your buyer decides not to exercise the Option, you will need to wait for the Option to expire. In such situations, the buyer will forfeit the Option Fee.

4. Submit Resale Application and Documents

Once your buyer has signed the OTP, you will need to log into the HDB Resale Portal and submit the resale application along with supporting documents. HDB will verify the information and notify you and your buyer of the application outcome within 8 weeks.

5. Endorse Resale Documents

After submitting the documents, both you and your buyer will be notified via SMS to endorse the documents on the HDB Resale Portal within 6 days.

6. Pay Resale Fees and Wait for HDB’s Approval

Once the documents are endorsed by both parties, you can move onto paying the legal and stamp fees for the flat resale transaction. Credit or debit card payments are accepted.

Once the fees are paid, all you need to do is wait for HDB to review and approve the resale application. You will receive an SMS notification when that happens!

7. Attend Resale Completion Appointment

You’ll also be notified on your Resale Completion Appointment at the HDB Hub in Toa Payoh, where both you and your buyer will need to attend to finalise the transaction.

And with that, the flat is sold!

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