When it comes to interior decor, sometimes it is good to keep things simple and free. No, we do not mean going minimalist.

Zakka, meaning ‘many things’ in Japanese, is a design trend where you place attractive and meaningful items together to improve the appearance of your home and life. Just like any design trend, there are various ‘schools’ of the Zakka style – some purists would only gather handmade items and group them with neutral-tone, usually wooden, accessories for that cosy, homely feel. Others mix and match an assortment of everyday objects to bring about a sense of calm in their homes.

We stepped into Raihana and Shafiqs’ 4-room crib in Punggol for a taste of a simple Zakka experience that is easily achievable.

Going basic with major surfaces, such as walls and large furniture, will never go wrong. You can always add some colour with decorative objects

“We did not specially buy these items for our home. When we see something we really like, we would likely buy it without thinking too much about how they go together with a theme,” said Raihana.

Rooms can be kept relatively simple, with just a few memorable items that spark joy as Kondo Marie had famously put it

“I have always believed that if you love it enough, it will all work out with everything in the end,” Raihana quipped.

The well-travelled couple had their share of exciting adventures, and their home brims with items that reflect the journeys they covered. Now, they are in a brave new chapter in life: being young parents!

Let that metal bomb shelter door become a home for your souvenirs and magnets

The couple lugged this rug with a rare design, all the way from a vacation in Australia

Not just pretty: This biscuit tin from London also plays a soothing melody to keep young kids happy

Books can be placed (in stacks, and not shelved) around the house

Check out local or overseas art markets to find gems to decorate your home

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