Karen and Jian Zhan’s home at Skyline II @ Bukit Batok feels like a detox for the soul. It is also a marriage and meeting of minds, as the couple share many similar likes and tastes.

Their Zen journey was a process to make the best of their 4-room flat layout, light and wind conditions to create a design that allows for simple and cosy living.

No sofa means ample space to do yoga in the living room, while admiring the view

True to their style, their living room is devoid of clutter – no sofa, no TV set. Not avid TV viewers themselves, they prefer space that welcomes conversations and meaningful activities.

Nature lovers too, they have infused their home with a careful selection of plants (including prints of plants) to enhance the décor. For the living room, they chose the eucalyptus (which is a natural insect repellent) and cotton plants. In the gaming room, Karen has placed a pot of lavender for a calming contrast to the action-packed games that Jian Zhan plays on the computer.

A hangout room for Karen and Jian Zhan to kick back and relax

Being near Bukit Timah means being able to keep a lookout for native bird species

In the bedroom, the deep blue feature wall complements the wood floor finishes and the wardrobe. The choice of plants – billy balls and baby’s breath, pops out against the blue wall and softens the room’s rectilinear lines.

Blue, grey and brown in the master bedroom create a soothing ambience

Using cove lights means less shadows cast which is great for reading

The couple is also big on recycling and keep to a ‘one-in-one-out’ lifestyle. So for every item that they buy they would need to give away or discard an old item, so that they maintain a clutter-free home.

Though they moved in in January 2018, the couple had already given their friends and family a preview of their new home in December 2017, when they solemnised their marriage in their flat. J They wanted a simple and intimate affair and could not think of a better venue then their first home. The backdrop that they used for the photo wall has been transformed into a curtain at the entrance to their flat.

Photo booth in their flat on their ROM day (Photo courtesy of Karen and Jian Zhan)

The photo booth ‘wall’ now serves as a curtain to create a private living room area

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