Mention Punggol, and some Singaporeans may describe it as ‘ulu’ – but did you know that this eco-town boasts an island and a beach of its own?

Check out MyNiceHome’s photo tour of Punggol North, and round up your family and friends to visit its best spots soon!

Old Punggol Road

Take a scenic bicycle ride or drive down old Punggol Road on your way to the northern tip of Punggol Town. Old Punggol Road will be a special feature of the upcoming Punggol Point District, which is envisioned as a ‘Green Heritage’ district. The road will be transformed into a 1.3km heritage trail that will offer a linear walk through nature.

Punggol Point Park

Begin your seaside adventure at Punggol Point Park! This idyllic waterfront destination has a sand-filled playground that kids would love, and lookout decks where you can take in views of Pulau Ubin and the Johor Straits. This is also where you can rent a bike and cycle down Punggol Promenade and into Coney Island.

Punggol Jetty and Punggol Beach

Step onto the observation deck of Punggol Jetty, and you will likely spot anglers fishing at the end of the deck just like in the old days. You may have also heard of Punggol Beach’s dark history, where many people were killed in the Sook Ching massacre during World War II. Listed by the National Heritage Board as a historic site, Punggol Beach is now a clean shoreline with lovely views of the sea.\

Punggol Promenade

Continue your exploration by taking a leisurely stroll down Punggol Promenade to enjoy breezy, relaxing coastal vibes! Residents of Punggol who regularly come by via the park connector network, would be familiar with the diverse flora and fauna along the sea.

Coney Island

Arguably the highlight of Punggol North, the 50-ha Coney Island is rich in history and biodiversity. The wide variety of habitats such as coastal forests, mangroves and woodlands are home to different birds and plants. Birdwatchers should keep a lookout for the resident Baya Weavers or Oriental Magpie-robins!

The rustic and quiet setting would surely please nature enthusiasts, and also make for gorgeous photography amidst the towering trees.

The Punggol Settlement

Wrap up your day by dining at The Punggol Settlement. A 2-storey enclave with various food and beverage options, this is where you can recharge and chill out with your companions.

Looking for somewhere in Singapore to explore this weekend? Punggol North is a peaceful yet lively area that is definitely worth your time. Be warned though – you might just want to move to Punggol after visiting!

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