Buying your first HDB flat? Score tips on how to uncover the potential of resale flats through these real-life stories. First-time home owners Derek and Mandy, as well as Daniel, share how they found a resale flat that ticked all the right boxes. Not only did they enjoy housing grants that helped finance their home purchase, they were also able to remodel their homes and design functional spaces that truly complement their lifestyles.

For first-time home owners Shu Lin and Hendrickson, and second-timers Amalina and Sufian, home is where they can be close to family, with  space to pursue their hobbies and interests. Similarly, with the help of housing grants, the couples were able to buy a home that fits their lifestyles and everything they love.

Check out the videos for a tour of their lovely flats, and a walkabout around their hoods!

Derek and Mandy: At the Heart of It All   

Newlyweds Derek and Mandy were excited to become first-time home owners, and opting for a resale flat meant that they could speed up the flat-buying process. However, they faced their first dilemma in deciding what they wanted in their dream home – one that is located near both their parents who live at different ends of Singapore. Location of the flat became a key consideration, as the couple also wanted a place close to the city, near transport nodes, and most importantly, a place that would suit their budget. They eventually found a 3-room flat at Beach Road, which is a short walk away from the Lavender MRT station and a 25-minute drive to both their parents’ homes. Although the couple initially found the flat’s interior to be dimmer than what they would have preferred,  they were drawn to the design possibilities of the space and its convenient location. Using HDB’s budget calculator, to calculate their monthly mortgage, they were also eligible for a total of $70,000 in housing grants.

Watch this video to see how Derek and Mandy used cost savings from the grants to transform their flat into the perfect home for their hobbies!

Daniel: A Love Letter to Himself

After turning 35, Daniel – a bachelor – was certain that he wanted his own home. Inspired by US reality TV show Apartment Therapy, Daniel saw home as a love letter to himself – a place where he could fill with all the things he loves, with space for him to pursue his many interests, including reading, baking, and yoga.

After 30 house viewings, Daniel finally found his “love letter” – a resale flat in Bukit Panjang which he purchased for $435,000. Turning to the HDB Flat Portal for information on the flat buying process, Daniel found that he was eligible for about $37,500 in grants, which allowed him to pump in more to his renovation budget to create his dream home.

Watch the video to see how Daniel created his Japandi-themed home, while keeping it functional for his needs.

Shu Lin and Hendrickson: A Smart Home for Friends, Family and Lego

Newlyweds Shu Lin and Hendrickson were clear about what they were looking for in their first home together: a place near both their parents who live in the western part of Singapore, space for displaying their beloved Lego collection, and proximity to an MRT station.  The couple had opted for a resale flat, as they wished to move into their new place as soon as possible.

After several flat viewings across different estates, Shu Lin and Hendrickson found their dream flat just across the road from where Shu Lin’s parents live in Yew Tee. Not only did the flat meet all their requirements and budget, they were also able to enjoy $75,000 in housing grants. This additional savings from the grants allowed the couple to invest in renovations and appliances that made their dream home a smart home.

Watch this video to see how Shu Lin and Hendrickson transformed their resale flat into the perfect space for their existing and newfound hobbies!

Amalina and Sufian: A Cosy Home

For second-time homeowners Amalina and Sufian, their ideal home is one close to their extended family, so that they can visit often . With that as their priority, they decided to move from their 5-room flat in Sengkang to a cosy 4-room flat in Punggol, where both sets of parents and Sufian’s brother live. The abundance of parks and greenery, as well as the Punggol Waterway, were added bonus.

The flat they fell in love with – after seven viewings – was a 4-room flat two streets away from their extended family. Being close to family meant they qualified for the  $20,000 Proximity Housing Grant, which went towards paying for their renovation.

The couple transformed their flat into a bright and airy minimalist space, featuring their combined design ideas. As Amalina puts it, the house “has a bit of Sufian, and a bit of Amalina”.

Watch this video to see how Amalina and Sufian turned their resale flat into the perfect space for hosting their families and friends.