A Quick Guide to Inspecting Your New Home

Collecting your keys to your new HDB flat soon? Before rolling the pineapple and getting started on renovation works, it’s essential to inspect your new flat first.

What’s covered for newly-completed HDB flats?

All newly completed HDB flats are covered by a warranty within the 1-year Defects Liability Period (DLP), which starts from the date of key collection. During this time, HDB will follow up with home owners to rectify any defects found in the flat.

Defects or imperfections?

HDB conducts checks at every stage of the construction process, both within the flat and in common areas, before we hand over the flat to you. However, the manual nature of construction work and inherent character of materials could result in perceived imperfections in your flat, such as a variation in colour tones on surfaces.

To learn more, check out BCA’s online homeowners’ guide that provides a comprehensive overview on workmanship quality and expectations.

How should I inspect my flat?

There’s nothing quite like a first visit to your new home! We suggest bringing along the following:

  1. Post-It notes or flags – so that you can mark out things that need to be rectified
  1. Step-ladder or a stable stool – for checking items at a height
  1. Spirit level – to check that surfaces are flat and levelled
  1. Measuring tape – Useful for checking that items are of the same size and for double checking measurements for renovation works
  1. Flash light  – some rooms or items may not be sufficiently well lit for a thorough inspection
  1. Cleaning supplies – Some home owners prefer to clean up their home of leftover construction debris before checking. From brooms to wet wipes, bring what works for you

Here are some tips to help with your inspection:

  • Conduct a thorough go-over on all surfaces, check if there are any major wall or ceiling cracks. If you have chosen to have finishes installed as part of the Optional Component Scheme (OCS), check that the surfaces are evenly levelled.
  • Check that all pipes in your home are clean and not damp – that goes for the ceiling and walls near the pipes too. This could help identify an early ceiling leak or water seepage issue, if any!
  • If there any items you feel should be rectified, be sure to take a photo after marking it out.
  • Consolidate your photos and list them out in the feedback form, after which you can submit the list to the Building Service Centre (BSC) or Branch via HDB InfoWEB. A BSC officer will follow up with a joint inspection appointment, and thereafter help arrange the necessary rectification works.

How long do I have to inspect my new flat?

You should inspect your flat after receiving your keys and report the items within 7 days of key collection. This is to ensure that defects are resolved before renovation works; it also helps keep your home on track for moving in!

The BSC will remain in operation for a year after the first keys to the development issued.

To help you settle into your new flat, there is a BSC at each new development. This is where you head to provide feedback on your new flat, and also request a joint inspection with a BSC officer to confirm the defects to be rectified, if any. You can also do so here!