Community Care Apartments (CCA) are public housing jointly developed by the Ministry of National Development (MND), Housing & Development Board (HDB) and Ministry of Health (MOH). The CCA combine senior-friendly housing with care services, offering an option for seniors to age in-place and independently in a community setting.

The first two batches of CCAs, Harmony Village @ Bukit Batok and Queensway Canopy, were launched in February 2021 and November 2022 respectively. Seniors can look forward to a third CCA site in Bedok in 2023. We are also developing more CCAs in different locations across Singapore.

Harmony Village @ Bukit Batok

If you or your family members are looking to apply for a CCA, here are 5 key things to note.

1.  Wide Range of Facilities and Amenities

HDB works with different partners to create a built environment conducive for healthy living and active ageing.

This includes providing common facilities such as community gardens, fitness stations, and community living rooms, to help seniors maintain an active lifestyle as well as promote social interactions between residents.

Where possible, we will locate amenities nearby, such as Active Ageing Centres, community centres, markets, and hawker centres, for residents’ convenience.

2. Minimal to No Renovation Required

Interested seniors would be glad to know that little to no renovation is required for these units! Each 32sqm CCA unit adopts an open layout, with sliding partitions to separate the living room and bedroom for greater privacy.

Each unit comes with built-in wardrobes, cabinets and a furnished kitchen

The flat also comes ready with senior-friendly design features and other pre-installed fittings, including:

  • Wide wheelchair-friendly main door with a built-in bench at the side
  • Large wheelchair-accessible toilet with grab bars and slip-resistant flooring
  • Built-in wardrobe and cabinets
  • Furnished kitchen (without fridge and washing machine)
  • Service yard accessible from toilet, with clothes drying rack
Wheelchair-friendly bathrooms are outfitted with grab bars and slip-resistant

On each floor of the CCA block, there will also be a furnished communal space for residents to mingle, share meals and take part in group activities.  

Residents can connect with each other at the communal space located at every floor of the CCA block

3. Integrated Care Services

Care services are provided at the CCA to meet seniors’ needs, to support independent living within a social setting for an enriching retirement life.

Residents will have to subscribe to a Basic Service Package. The package offers 24-hour emergency monitoring and response, basic health checks, and the service of an on-site community manager who will organise regular activities and programme for the residents. The community manager will also ensure that the following services are provided:

  • Care and support services
  • Simple home fixes
  • Activities at the communal spaces
  • Key card access to individual flats

Depending on their needs and preferences, seniors can also choose to add on optional services that cover different activities in day-to-day living.

4. Eligibility Conditions

As the CCA is intended as an affordable housing option for seniors, the applicant(s) and their spouse (if any) must be 65 years old and above. Applicants have the flexibility to choose a lease ranging from 15 to 35 years (in five-year increments), as long as it covers both the applicant and their spouse (if any) until at least 95 years old. 

Those who have taken up housing subsidies twice, and have bought a Studio Apartment or short-lease 2-room Flexi flat before are not eligible to purchase a CCA.

Here’s a quick summary of the eligibility conditions:

5. Full Upfront Payment for Flat Purchase

Successful applicants for CCA are required to make full upfront payment for the flat by cash and/or CPF. For the mandatory Basic Service package, applicants can decide to make either full or partial upfront payment in cash, with a monthly fee throughout the lease term.

Another key difference between a CCA unit and other HDB flats is that it cannot be resold or rented out. Owners who do not require the CCA anymore can return it to HDB. They will receive a refund of the value of the remaining lease of the flat.

The information in this article was updated on 2 March 2023.

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