If you are looking to include a touch of zen to your abode, getting a bonsai plant might just be for you.


Bonsai is an art form that involves cultivating small trees that mimic larger trees that grow in nature, in miniature pots.

Each bonsai has a character that can be enhanced through wiring or pruning its branches and leaves, to showcase particular styles such as the upright informal, windswept, and roots over rock.

Choosing Your Bonsai

Beginners can start with a plant species that are relatively hardy and easy to manoeuvre such as the Ficus Benjamina and the Chinese Elm.

Tips for Bonsai Care

Use well-draining soil such as akadama, lava rocks or pumice, whether singularly, or mixed up in various ratios. These soil types encourage root growth without leaving too many air pockets or retaining too much water, which may result in root rot. Do also re-pot your bonsai once every 2 or 3 years.

Ensure your bonsai receives enough sunlight and is placed in a well-ventilated environment such as by an open window. However, avoid placing the bonsai directly behind the glass window pane as the hot and dry environment could burn its leaves.

When watering your bonsai, ensure the water has completely run out of the drainage before continuing. To encourage the re-growing of your bonsai’s roots, branches and leaves, be sure to trim the roots of your bonsai regularly.

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  • Muhammad Saiful Saimin

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