From whipping up your favourite meal to dining with your loved ones, the kitchen is the heart of every home. Keeping it clean and organised can be a challenge, but we’ve got a list of handy hacks for you!

1. Maximising Space

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For those looking for some extra workspace in the kitchen, a mobile countertop may just be the solution. Not only does it assist with food preparation, its extra storage space also helps with keeping your cooking equipment organised. You can even shift the countertop around the kitchen to suit your needs.

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Are your cupboards looking a little crowded? With cupboard organisers, you’ll be surprised at how much more room (in some cases, double the space) you could free up!

2. Getting Organised

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Instead of rummaging through a sea of utensils before every meal, use dividers to separate them. It may seem like a basic step, but it will go a long way in keeping your drawers organised.

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Transferring your rice, flours or other condiments into labelled glass jars can also keep your cupboards clutter-free. Besides maintaining the freshness of your food, it also helps save space, as you can stack them neatly!

3. Enabling Efficiency

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To improve the workflow in the kitchen, make use of the walls to hang frequently used utensils. This way, there’s no need to interrupt your cooking just to search for a particular slotted spoon.

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Another useful and affordable kitchen addition is a basket or tray. It’s a great way of keeping your condiments organised and within reach.

Ingredients that come in bulky bottles, such as cooking oil, can also be transferred into smaller, refillable bottles.

4. Keeping Ingredients Fresh

Ever noticed unwelcomed little critters in your bag of flour? Known as flour mites, the best way to remove them is to pop the bag of flour in the freezer for a few days before storing it. Freezing the flour helps to kill the flour mite eggs and larva, so you can be sure that your flour stays fresh for as long as possible.

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Ripe apples should be stored separately, as it releases ethylene gas, which can cause other fruits and vegetables to ripen at a faster rate.

Potatoes are an exception, as it actually stays fresher when exposed to ethylene gas. Hence, considering storing apples together with potatoes where possible!

5. Cleaning Kitchen Equipment

After all the food preparation and cooking, it’s time to wipe down the kitchen. To remove charred patches in your pots and pans, simply sprinkle some salt over the affected areas and scrub away!

Removing food residue from blenders can get tricky. A fast and simple method is to fill the blender with hot water, add some dish soap, close the lid and blend. After several rinses with hot water, you’ll have a squeaky-clean blender in no time. If that doesn’t work, try putting in a couple of ice cubes into the blender and scrape away!

There are many kitchen hacks can make your life easier. Know of any others? Share them with us at

  • Tan Swee Yin

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