Besides your budget and design preferences, product safety is another key factor to consider when shopping for appliances. Here are some tips and things to look out for, prior to your purchase!

1. Shop for Appliances that Comply with Safety Standards

Before purchasing a product, look out for the SAFETY Mark that is usually located on the product or packaging. Some household gas and electrical appliances need to be tested to ensure they meet specified safety standards. Appliances that pass the safety tests will then bear the SAFETY Mark. Do note that smart home appliances will also need to be registered with a valid SAFETY Mark.

Not many homeowners know this, but household electrical and gas appliances that come with 3-pin plugs are required to have two SAFETY Marks – one for the appliance and another for the 3-pin plug itself.

2. Conduct Research Before Shopping Online

With the wide range of affordable household products, it’s tempting to shop for appliances online.

Many homeowners today also embark on bulk purchases or rely on contractors/ interior designers to source for appliances and furniture overseas.

However, this comes with certain risks as safety regulations vary across countries and the protection offered is limited. Therefore, it’s important to clarify any questions you may have regarding the product’s features and functionality with the seller prior to the purchase. It’s also important to ensure that the appliance is equipped with plugs and operates on voltages that are locally compatible.

A quick online search can also reveal if products have been recalled by the manufacturer or if its sale was stopped by regulatory bodies over safety issues.

3. Installing and Maintaining Your Appliances

Proper installation and maintenance of your household appliances can ensure safety and also extend the product’s lifespan. Do engage licensed gas and electrical workers to ensure that installation and maintenance works are carried out correctly.

For licensed electrical and gas service workers, refer to

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