Moving into a new home can mean a new group of lifelong friends. With the neighbourhood being an extension of your home, take the first step to get to know your neighbours!

Here are some ways to connect with them:

Creating a Gracious Neighbourhood

It is easy to make your neighbourhood a pleasant place to live in, with these little acts of kindness that can go a long way:

•  Keep lifts and common areas clutter-free
•  Keep noise levels low, especially between 10:30pm and 7:00am
•  Prevent killer litter
•  Wring excess water from wet laundry before hanging them out to dry
•  Service your air-conditioners regularly to prevent leaks or noise disturbances
•  Do not throw bulky items into the rubbish chute
•  Do not vandalise common areas or amenities

Building Community Bonds

Keen to do something for your community? Participate in the Lively Places Programme to enliven public spaces and bring your neighbours together!

Living the Eco Way

Another way to do your part for the community is by leading a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Here are some simple actions that you can do every day to contribute to a more sustainable living environment:

Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling

•  Bring a reusable bag when shopping
•  Borrow or share items if you only need to use them occasionally
•  Use unwanted plastic bags to bag garbage
•  Deposit recyclable items into designated recycling bins

Saving Energy

•  Check the Energy Label of household appliances and choose energy-efficient ones
•  Set the temperature of the air-conditioner at a comfortable 25°C
•  Choose energy-efficient lightbulbs
•  Reduce the use of electrical appliances, such as by using daylight where possible and line drying your laundry

Saving Water

•  Look out for the Water Efficiency Label and select water-efficient models when purchasing household appliances
•  Reuse water where possible, such as reusing water from washing rice to water your plants
•  Use a mug when brushing teeth
•  Take shorter showers


•  Keep green plants in your home to beautify and cool the environment
•  Join or start a community garden and make friends along the way

For more eco-living tips, check out the Green Living Guide on HDB InfoWEB.

Staying Connected

After moving into your new home, there are many ways for you to keep up with the latest stories and happenings in the heartland!

•  Life Storeys – Discover interesting hangouts in your town, and find out how you can play a more active role in your community with HDB’s quarterly community publication, Life Storeys. Read the latest and past issues via the HDB InfoWEB.

•  HDB’s Community Events – Visit the Community tab on the HDB InfoWEB to find out more about the community events in the heartland, and stay in touch on what is happening in your neighbourhood. 

•  HDB – Follow us on FacebookInstagram where we share stories of interesting heartlanders, and tell you all about the best dining and hangout spots close by! Tag us to share your experiences and tips too.

To help you settle into your new home, do read our other guides on the Features in Your New Flat and Renovating Your HDB Flat.

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