Congratulations on collecting the keys to your new home! As you move into your new home, you may have some questions about its features, and how to maintain them. No worries, we have the answers right here!

Flooring and Skirting

Q: How do I maintain my timber/ vinyl flooring?

To keep the timber floor/ vinyl floor in good condition, do not use too much water. A simple sweep, or cleaning with a slightly damp mop will do. Attaching felt pads to the base of your furniture legs will help to protect your floors from scratches. Take extra care especially when moving things around!


Q: How do I maintain my timber door?

Timber products can last a long time if you keep them dry. Some tips you can follow include installing a shower screen in your bathroom to prevent your timber door from getting wet, and keeping your rooms well-ventilated. To protect the timber door from damage during renovation, you can request your renovation contractor to cover your doors and handles with corrugated cardboard or bubble wrap during renovation.


Q: Is it normal to have gaps in between the tiles in my flat?

Yes – The gaps, which are filled with tile grout, allow for slight movement of the tiles when there are changes in temperature. It also helps accommodate slight variations in tile sizes which can occur during tile production.


Q: What is a drywall?

Drywalls are internal partition walls used at dry areas in your flat. They are filled with sound insulation material for good sound-proofing.

Q: Can I mount fixtures on the drywall in my flat?

With the use of appropriate anchors, you can mount common fixtures like televisions and cabinets on the dry wall! Check out the comprehensive drywall user guide in your flat for more information, or watch this video.

Clothes Drying Rack

Q: How do I use the clothes drying rack at the service yard/ kitchen

You can lower the rack in 2 steps:

  1. Unlock the rack by pulling the strap at a 45° angle, in the direction of the arrow indicated on the rack
  2. Slowly release it to lower the rack.

Still unsure? Scan the QR code in your flat to view the instructional video, or request for assistance at the Building Service Centre.

Home Fire Alarm Device (HFAD)

Q: Why does my flat have a Home Fire Alarm Device (HFAD) and what does it do?

The HFAD is an automatic smoke detector installed on the ceiling that triggers an alarm when smoke is detected. You can also read the instruction manual in your flat, or refer to the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) website at

During renovation, please place a temporary cover e.g. a plastic sheet over the HFAD to minimise the entry of dust. Remember to remove the temporary cover after renovation.

Q: How do I test if the HFAD is in working condition?

It can be tested by pressing the Test/Reset button located on the front face of the device. A light will blink and an alarm will sound to indicate that the HFAD is working. To reset the device, press the Test/Reset button until the alarm stops.

Dual-Flush Low Capacity Water Closet (WC) Suite

Q: I would like to increase the volume of water of the WC flush. What else can I do?

Photo of toilet bowl and bidet

As part of our national water conservation efforts, HDB has installed water efficient WCs in your flat which use less water during each flush. The flushing effectiveness and volume have been tested in accordance with PUB’s standards and requirements to achieve water savings. This will help you to conserve water and lower your water bill.

However, some residents may occasionally prefer to have a stronger flush. Residents may choose to supplement the flushing by installing a hand-held bidet spray at the side of the WC, and use it to aid the cleaning of the toilet bowl.

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