When the idea of a green corner was first mooted, the residents of Bishan were not too convinced. “We’ve had similar initiatives that were not well-received,” Julie Lim, the Residents’ Committee vice-chairperson says. “Who’s to say this is going to be different?”

Two years on, the Green Hub, as the residents call it, has transformed into a lifestyle space spanning several void decks, featuring a community garden, recycling station, communal fridge and a library.

The Green Hub is the brainchild of RC volunteers Fen (left) and Julie (right)

“It’s safe to say the Green Hub has succeeded,” Julie chuckles as she motions to the greenery decorating the void deck. “In fact, it has far exceeded our expectations.”

Going Green

As its name states, the initial intention of the Green Hub was to promote sustainability and green living. The lush space is home to a communal fridge that is stocked by residents and food rescue groups, to minimise food wastage. Harvest from a nearby community garden can also be occasionally found in the fridge that is accessible to all.

The communal fridge seeks to minimise food wastage and make food accessible to all

“Everything in the Green Hub is upcycled,” fellow Residents’ Committee volunteer Fen Ng says.

Waste not, want not – unwanted fixtures and appliances are upcycled as plant potters at the Green Hub

It is well furnished with pieces such as a marble table and stools, all of which are from residents. “When the corner started coming together, we had residents approach us wanting to contribute – and this was how we came up with the idea of a nostalgia corner,” Fen explains.

The revamped residents’ corner is furnished with pre-loved items contributed by residents

Decorated with memorabilia such as a typewriter, spin dial telephones and tea sets, the nostalgia corner has brought together residents from different age groups. “We’ve seen elderly residents explaining to the younger ones what the items are, and having the items come from the residents themselves make the stories more unique.”

The nostalgic corner houses various memorabilia that are contributed by the residents

Made for the Community

At the adjoining void deck, residents can be found indulging in their favorite reads at the community library.

The community library is a popular spot amongst residents

Tucked in a corner of the void deck is a reading nook comprising an antique mirror, high table and stools. “We often see residents enjoying their morning coffee here. They would also occasionally be here during teatime, catching up with each other over different books.”

The reading nook doubles as a chillout spot

Building A Sense of Neighbourhood Pride and Belonging

For Julie and Fen, the more rewarding moments from establishing the Green Hub comes from witnessing its transformation, as well as the residents’ pride in the space.

The Green Hub is a beautifully decorated space

“It warms our hearts to see how the residents have taken it upon themselves to maintain the space and actively contribute to its growth. We’ve also seen residents taking visitors on a tour of the Green Hub and seeing their pride in the space is something that continuously amazes me,” Julie laughs.

“We started out with a revamped Residents’ Corner and today, this space has become more than a place for the occasional catch up – it’s a microcosm of our community,” Fen smiles.

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