With the advisory to stay home, here are some home workouts tips for you to try out to stay fit and healthy

House Work(outs)

You may be surprised, but chores such as mopping the floor and cleaning windows can burn a decent amount of calories that is similar to brisk walking. Plus, you get to keep your home nice and clean – score!

Fancy a more vigorous workout? Give our #MNHomeCircuit a go:

3 sets of:

1. 10x wall push-ups

Stand 2 steps away from a wall and place your hands on the wall. Bring your chest to the wall before push yourself away from it. Repeat in reps of 10.

2. 10 x step-ups onto a stool

3. 1 x 20-second floor plank. Put your forearms on something soft like a towel, then hold your plank!

Don’t forget to warm up with some light stretches before commencing the exercises!

Alternatively, a brisk walk or light jog around the neighbourhood is always a great form of cardio – plus you get to enjoy some well-deserved fresh air after hours of #WFH. Don’t forget to maintain a safe distance when exercising outside or at public parks.

Tag a Friend

Fitness challenges such as the See 10, Do 10, Tag 10 (watch a workout, film yourself doing it, and tag friends) have also taken over social media by storm with the majority of us now staying home. It’s a fun way to keep to your fitness goals while keeping in touch with your friends.

Photo Credit: @onesquaredd

Learn From Professionals

With stepped up safe distancing measures, sports and recreation facilities, swimming pools, and gyms and fitness studio have shut, and free workout sessions suspended. In response, many fitness professionals now post livestream and on-demand video workouts to keep their members and fans healthy. The best part is, these videos are free and there are so many to choose from!

Check out the above video from Health Promotion Board.

Tracking Your Fitness

Healthy 365 is a nifty app by the Health Promotion Board that tracks your step count and diet. For a more specific breakdown of your calorie intake and output, simply log your meals into the Food Journal function. The app also keeps a record of your previous days’ diet and step count journey, allowing you to better keep track of your fitness journey.

In addition to monitoring your daily steps and your calorie intake, the app also features Health Challenges that enable users to win prizes or redeem rewards.

Have more home-based workout tips to share? Drop us a comment or hit us up at mynicehome@mailbox.hdb.gov.sg!

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