In making the most of our homes, many of us are not afraid to get creative. From building a workspace to putting together a workout corner, here are some multifunctional living room ideas for you to live the urbanist dream with!

1. Living Room + Workstation

Having a workstation in the living room means that you can work and lounge at the same time. Depending on the layout of the room, you can dedicate an unused corner of the living room for your workstation. Otherwise, consider placing a small desk beside or behind the sofa as opposed to a bookshelf or coffee table. Add a swivel chair, a desk lamp and voila, you’ve got yourself the perfect home office in the living room.

Ching Kai worked out this combination successfully in this 3-room flat

2. Living Room + Bar

Photo credit: West Elm

If you have guests around a lot, you’re going to love this one. Not only can a drinks bar be seamlessly integrated into the living room, the bar is also a conversation starter as well . All that’s required is a low cabinet to house your favourite sodas, juices, or alcohols.

Or, instead of the conventional dinner table, opt for a countertop/high table that doubles up as a bar counter and dining table. You can even add some shelves to display your mugs, glasses, and drinkware.

3. Living Room + Workout Corner

While gym machines may be a stretch (pun intended), exercise equipment such as dumbbells, skipping ropes and stability balls can be easily accommodated in the home.

Photo Credit: Higashifushimi

Similar to the home office, make the best of an unused corner of the living room for the workout station. Wall shelves and grids are great ways to keep your equipment organised.

4. Living Room + Play Area

Catered for the little ones, a play area can be easily carved out from the living room. All you need are some toy boxes to contain the clutter and a play mat to protect them from tumbles.

Photo Credit: Dog Milk

For the furkids, a cosy corner with your pet’s essentials can also be a great way of keeping organised. Plus, you can now work/ lounge in the living room in the company of your pets.

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