If you are eyeing a new HDB flat, you would have thought about where your future home will be. For those still mulling it over, we break down the key differences between mature and non-mature estates.

Flat Prices

New flats are sold at subsidised prices, regardless of location. However, flat prices may vary based on factors like flat attributes, surrounding amenities and locations. In general, prices of flats in non-mature estates tend to be lower than those located in mature ones.

Regardless where you are aiming to set up your new home, you can receive the Enhanced CPF Housing Grant of up to $80,000 when you buy a flat.


Home is so much more than just the four walls of your flat – amenities matter, too. Mature estates, as their name implies, are older as they were established much earlier than their non-mature counterparts. As such, residents enjoy various amenities that have been developed over the years. These include transport networks, shopping malls, schools, and parks.

But non-mature estates are far from under-developed! While not all amenities may be ready the minute you move in, give it some time and you’ll soon enjoy new facilities that might end up being the envy of others. Just look at Punggol or example! Singapore’s first eco-town now bustling with life, full of amenities comparable to mature estates. There are shops and communal spaces aplenty at Oasis Terraces, HDB’s first New Generation Neighbourhood Centre. Punggol Waterway, which meanders through the town, is also home to water-based recreation activities and other community activities.

Residents in newer estates also get to enjoy a living environment enhanced by the latest state-of-the-art urban solutions. Projects in Punggol are fitted with innovative eco-features such as centralised recycling refuse chutes to promote recycling; rainwater harvesting system to encourage water conservation, and LED with motion sensors.

TLDR: It Depends on Your Needs and Priorities

Of course, as with most decisions, there are pros and cons.

Flats in non-mature estates are great, budget-friendly options. While amenities in these estates might still be work-in-progress when you move in, you will soon be able to enjoy a wide range of new facilities near your home.

Mature estates have their own charm, with many established amenities around. However, competition for new flats in mature estates can be stiff, with a much smaller pool of flats available as compared to non-mature estates.

If mature estate is still your cup of tea, you can consider resale flats, too. You may be eligible for grants of up to $160,000 if you buy a resale flat.

All in all, whether a mature or non-mature estate is the best for you depends largely on your priorities. Still confused or need more advice on flat buying? Be sure to check out more of our articles!

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