Collecting the keys to your new BTO flat and planning that first visit soon? Besides the celebratory TikTok video or Instagram story to share your joy, it’s important to conduct a defects inspection for your HDB BTO flat. Completing this step quickly can help expedite your home renovation, and get you moving into your new home sooner.

What is defects inspection?

While HDB conducts quality checks during the construction process, minor defects on surfaces, fixtures and/ or fittings may still exist. Fret not, new HDB BTO flats are covered under a warranty within the 1-year Defects Liability Period (DLP), which starts from the date of your key collection.

Upon key collection, you have 30 days to report your defects, before you start your renovation. Otherwise, it would be difficult to ascertain if it was the building contractor or the renovation contractor who may have caused the defect(s), and who should be the party to carry out the repairs.

While the completion of repair works usually take less than 2 weeks, you should discuss the works with the Building Service Centre (BSC) staff in order to keep to your intended renovation schedule.

How do I check for defects?

It’s easy to check for defects on your own, without the help of specialists. In the following steps, we share tips on the key things to look out for.

During your inspection, you may come across imperfections such as minor colour variations of your floor tiles or timber floor, and differences in the size of tile grouts. These are perfectly normal, and occur due to the inherent nature of the materials and manual nature of construction work.

Step 1: Preparing for defects inspection

Refer to the checklist below for what you need:

Save and share this with someone who needs it!

Step 2: Checking the flat

Defects inspection essentially involves the 4 major areas listed below. Go through your flat systematically, while labelling defects with painter’s tape or post it-notes, and noting them down in your defect(s) list. Here is a handy guide to refer to when conducting your defects inspection!

Download this handy guide for reference!

Step 3: Book a joint inspection with BSC staff

You can do it online or contact the Building Services Centre (BSC) located within your BTO project. Our friendly BSC staff will go through the items you have reported for your unit, before arranging for the rectification works and a final closing inspection with you.

Once you complete the defects inspection of your new HDB BTO flat, you can start on your home renovation!

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