You’ve collected the keys, renovated your HDB flat, and are ready for the best part — moving into your new home! From packing to applying for utilities and purchasing home insurance, we’ve prepared a comprehensive guide to help settle you in. 

Couple with packing boxes

1. Prep for Packing 

First, take some time to declutter your belongings before packing them. This way, you’re only bringing items that give you joy. When decluttering, consider separating your items into three piles—keep, recycle, dispose—to help you decide.

Now that you’ve decided on what to bring with you, it’s time to prepare the materials to pack them with. Here’s a checklist of items to prepare:

  • Carton boxes
  • Bubble wrap, for fragile items
  • Tape
  • Raffia string, for tightening boxes and doubling as handles
  • Labels, for easy identification 
  • Markers

When labelling the boxes, be sure to include the contents and space (e.g. kitchen, home office, master bedroom) they are intended for, for ease of sorting and moving.

Couple with packing boxes
Seal the boxes to prevent contents from spilling on moving day!

2. Engage Professional Movers

Now that there’s a gauge of the items you’re intending to bring over, decide if you wish to engage the help of a professional mover. Depending on your needs, a few trips with a rental vehicle might suffice—otherwise, reach out to moving companies for quotations. Here are some things to consider when asking for quotations:

  • Enquire for related experience for items that require special care, such as pianos or decor pieces
  • Check for potential additional costs such as moving items up flights of stairs, packing of materials etc.
  • Clarify the number of trips the vendor might have to make and if they are included in the quotation

3. Purchase Home Insurance

While there are a variety of home insurance, they can be categorised into two main categories: insured peril and all risks. The former insures home owners for specific mishaps including fires, floods and thefts, while the latter offers protection for a wider range of situations.

HDB offers two different schemes, the Home Protection Scheme (HPS) and the HDB Fire Insurance Scheme. HPS is mortgage-reducing insurance that protects home owners from losing their flat in the event of death, terminal illness or permanent disability. Essentially, the scheme ensures that unpaid loans in the events mentioned above will not result in losing your flat. The HDB Fire Insurance Scheme on the other hand, offers protection coverage for fire damages to HDB’s fixtures and fittings. Both schemes are mandatory for HDB flat owners who repay monthly housing loan instalments with CPF savings. 

For more extensive coverage, you may wish to purchase additional home insurance.

4. Set Up Utilities 

It is recommended that you set up a utilities account before moving in. Regardless of the electricity retailer, all home owners must open a utilities account with SP Services, which can be done physically at the SP Services Customer Service Centre at HDB Hub (conveniently after key collection), online or through the SP Utilities App. A security deposit ranging from $40 to $400 for Singaporeans/ Permanent Residents, and from $80 to $800 for non-Singaporeans/ Permanent Residents is also required:

Singapore Citizens/Permanent Residents

Flat TypeDeposit for GIRO CustomersDeposit for Non-GIRO Customers
1 and 2-Room$40$600
3, 4 and 5-Room$700$100

Non-Singapore Citizens/Permanent Residents

Flat TypeDeposit for GIRO CustomersDeposit for Non-GIRO Customers
1 and 2-Room$80$120
3, 4 and 5-Room$140$200

After setting up the account, you can choose to switch over to any electricity retailer on the open market.

5. Apply for Season Parking

Season parking allows car-owning residents to park their vehicles at HDB parking lots near their homes. Parking access has to be renewed monthly and lots are available on a first-come-first-served basis, so be sure to apply for a pass in advance via HDB InfoWEB or with Mobile@HDB app. Details on eligibility, parking charges and more can be found here.

6. Say Hello to Your New Neighbours

Beyond exchanging smiles during lift rides, don’t be afraid to reach out to your neighbours! Small conversations can go a long way, and establishing friendly neighbourly relations can help improve the communal living experience. Whether it’s leaving a note or inviting them over for coffee, it’s always good to say hello.

7. Explore the Neighbourhood

If you’re new in the ‘hood, now’s the best time to embark on some exploring. From discovering the best eats to uncovering new walking trails, check out Heartland Spots on the Mobile@HDB app or HDB Map Services to know your neighbourhood better! 

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