Good photos are key when selling your HDB flat. Not only do they showcase the flat’s potential, good photos will help set your home apart from existing flat listings. MyNiceHome caught up with experienced interior photographer Jino Lee, who gave us some tips on capturing the best side of your home!

1. Capture the Best Bits

Decluttering lets you capture the space and showcase its potential. An organised space also makes for appealing photographs, and helps prospective home buyers to visualise themselves living in the flat. To portray a cosy and lived-in look, include strategically placed coffee table books, coloured cushions or decorative plants in your photos.

2. Adopt Wide Angles

Wondering why the photographs aren’t doing enough justice to your flat? You might be using the wrong lens! Using wide angle lenses when capturing your shots can showcase the space to its fullest extent, and even make your house look more spacious.

3. Position Your Photos

Avoid out of perspective photos (left) by repositioning the angle such that it’s at eye level (right)

For a more accurate perspective of the space, capture your photos at eye level. At the same time, ensure that your photos angles are straight – if you require a little help, simply enable the grid option on your phone or camera.

4. Let the Light In

Never underestimate the power of good lighting. While natural light helps to soften the look of your photos, indoor lighting can also be used. Most importantly, ensure that the space is sufficiently lit to best showcase the space.

It might take some work, but the effort taken to showcase your flat will definitely be worth it.

All photos by Jino Lee

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