Looking to sell your HDB flat after having registered an Intent to Sell? From 30 May 2024, you will have a new place to list your HDB flat for sale – the Resale Flat Listing (RFL) service on the HDB Flat Portal!

The RFL service is meant to create a transparent, reliable and trusted marketplace for the listing and transactions of HDB resale flats. Here are 5 useful features of the RFL service that you can tap on if you’re selling your HDB flat.

1) Choose between managing your flat listing yourself or engaging a salesperson, whichever meets your needs

Do you intend to manage the process of selling your HDB flat yourself, or engage a salesperson to help? Either way, you can list your HDB flat using the RFL service on the HDB Flat Portal.

If you are engaging a salesperson, you may appoint 1 managing salesperson and up to 5 co-managing salespersons on the HDB Flat Portal. Your managing salesperson will be responsible for creating and managing the listing, while your co-managing Salespersons can add their own listing descriptions to the listing.

2) Create your flat listing easily with auto-populated details

In listing your HDB flat, key details like the address, flat type and floor area will be auto-populated, saving you the time and hassle of keying these in yourself.

You will only need to include the following in your listing:

  • Listing contact details: For buyers and/or their salespersons to contact you.
  • Listing price: To help you to set a realistic listing price, the portal will display the resale prices of nearby flats in the last 6 months when you create a listing.
  • Photographs of the flat: You may include up to 10 images.
  • Listing description: You may highlight standout features of your flat and the neighbourhood.
  • Other details: You can indicate if you require a Temporary Extension of Stay, or the Enhanced Contra Facility.

For more tips on making a flat listing that stands out, check out our article on how to increase views on your resale HDB flat listing!

3) Get a better match with potential buyers

The RFL service comes with features that provide more information to buyers, so they are more aware of their eligibility and requirements before contacting you about the listing.

For example, buyers will be able to see:

  • If you require a Temporary Extension of Stay or the Enhanced Contra Facility
  • The prevailing eligibilities under the Ethnic Integration Policy (EIP) and Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR) quotas for the flat

Note: Remember to check the EIP/ SPR eligibilities via HDB’s e-Service before granting and exercising an Option to Purchase, and at the point of submitting your resale application.

Buyers also will need a valid HDB Flat Eligibility (HFE) letter before they can start contacting sellers, or schedule viewing appointments through the HDB Flat Portal.

With these features, buyers approaching you should already have a clearer understanding of their eligibility and requirements to buy your flat.

4) Easily view recent HDB resale prices to guide you in setting a listing price

When creating the listing for your HDB flat on the HDB Flat Portal, you will be able to view the range of transacted prices, monthly transaction volume and average transacted price for transactions of the same flat type nearby in the past 6 months.

You can also easily access the Resale Flat Prices e-Service, if you would like to look at transacted prices of resale flats within the past 2 years.

The same information will be shown to potential buyers viewing the listings, for transparency.

You’ll also be prompted if your listing price exceeds the highest transacted price of the same flat type nearby in the past 6 months, by 10% or more.

💡 You can also use the Sale Proceeds Calculator on the HDB Flat Portal to estimate the cash proceeds you will receive from selling your HDB flat, to help you budget for your next home.

5) Arrange flat viewings with potential buyers directly within the HDB Flat Portal

You can manage flat viewings directly on the HDB Flat Portal. You or your appointed salesperson can indicate your availability by creating 30-minute time slots for viewing appointments starting from the next day, and up to 2 months in advance.

When buyers request their preferred viewing appointment via the HDB Flat Portal, you and your appointed salesperson will be notified via email. You will have 3 calendar days to either accept or decline the request before it lapses.

Remember to note down the flat viewings in your personal calendar. You can also opt to receive email reminders for the appointments scheduled by setting a reminder schedule under ‘Manage Notifications’.

Need more help? Check out our user guide for a more detailed walkthrough of the RFL service’s features for sellers.

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