If you’re planning to buy a resale HDB flat, you now have a new place to look – the Resale Flat Listing (RFL) service on the HDB Flat Portal!

From 30 May 2024, you can find resale flat listings on the HDB Flat Portal. Here are 5 key features of the new RFL service that you should know:

1) Find an HDB flat with greater peace of mind

As sellers must have a valid Intent to Sell from HDB before they can list their flats on the HDB Flat Portal, you can rest assured that the listings on the portal are owned by sellers who are eligible to sell their flat.

Key flat details included in the listings, such as address, flat type and floor area, are also automatically retrieved from HDB’s database, so you’ll know that the information is accurate.

Since each HDB flat can only be listed once on the HDB Flat Portal, you won’t have to sift through duplicate listings either!

2) See more listings that match your needs using filters and search profiles

You can search for flats sold by HDB (e.g. BTO flats and SBF flats) and resale flats available in the open market on the HDB Flat Portal. Don’t worry about being overwhelmed – you can tap on the filters available to make your house hunt more efficient.

For example, you can filter flat listings by price, location, flat type, flat availability, remaining lease, and floor range. You will also be able to look for HDB flats you are eligible to buy under the prevailing Ethnic Integration Policy (EIP) and Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR) quota.

If you have clear criteria in mind when looking for HDB flats, you can customise a search profile. You can even opt to receive email notifications when there are more flat listings that meet this profile, saving you the time taken to crawl through new listings to see if they meet your needs.

3) Compare HDB flats easily to help you weigh your options

You can compare your favourite listings based on attributes such as location, price, flat type, flat availability and remaining lease. As the HDB Flat Portal will indicate if a listing matches your search profile, you will be able to compare listings and weigh your options easily.

You will even be able to view and compare preliminary payment plans, saving you the need to crunch the numbers on your own. The payment plans can also be personalised if you have a valid HDB Flat Eligibility (HFE) letter.

4) Make informed decisions with recent transaction data of resale HDB flats

For each resale flat listing on the HDB Flat Portal, you can look at the range of transacted prices, monthly transaction volume and average transacted price for transactions of the same flat type nearby in the past 6 months. These figures can help guide you in negotiating the resale price with the seller.

You can also easily access the Resale Flat Prices e-Service, if you would like to look at transacted prices of resale flats within the past 2 years.

5) Schedule flat viewing appointments conveniently within the HDB Flat Portal

If you have a valid HDB Flat Eligibility (HFE) letter, you and/or your appointed salespersons will be able to set up a viewing appointment with the seller and/or their appointed salespersons directly within the HDB Flat Portal. You can check their availability and request an appointment.

You and/or your appointed salespersons will also be able to see the contact details of sellers, so you can reach out to them directly for any enquiries.

Visit the HDB Flat Portal to kickstart your home ownership journey!

Need more help? Check out our user guide for a more detailed walkthrough of the RFL service’s features for buyers.

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