So, you have listed your HDB flat on the market and are anxiously waiting for prospective buyers to pop by for a viewing. You may be ready to seal the deal, but is your house ready?

You don’t need huge home staging budgets like the real estate agents on Netflix’s Selling Sunset – all you need are some tips and tricks to spruce up your HDB flat before you arrange for flat viewings.

1. Photography Makes a Difference

They say a picture paints a thousand words – this is especially relevant when selling your HDB flat, as you need to stand out from the crowd of existing flat listings. Take good photos showcasing the flat’s layout and space to highlight its potential.

P.S. Remember to take the photos during the day – natural light is key.

2. Declutter the Space

Clearing clutter is not an easy task but no one likes a messy space, especially prospective buyers of a new flat. Clutter makes it difficult for buyers to see the potential of the flat – after all, they are here to view the space.

3. Keep It Clean

Once you’ve gotten rid of clutter, do give the flat a thorough mop and scrub, especially on frequently used appliances and furniture. The flat need not be 100% spotless, but should at least be tidy – you do not want prospective buyers to be put off by the stains and dirt.

4. Showcase the Potential of the Flat

If your flat’s got attractive attributes, flaunt them! Whether it’s an unblocked view of the neighbourhood, ample living room space, or a unique kitchen concept, you should leverage these attributes which may appeal to prospective buyers. Open the windows to show the amazing view, rearrange the furniture to highlight the spaciousness of the living room, or if you’ve got a HDB flat with a great view, opt for viewings to happen in the day so that prospective buyers can enjoy the scenery.

5. Create Welcoming Vibes

Make your guests feel welcomed to your home. Add some fresh flowers or potted plant on the dining table, or even use scents to create a warm and cosy ambience in your room or home – these small touches could leave a strong and positive impression on your prospective buyers.

Now your flat is ready to meet its prospective owner!

  • Chua Pei Ling

    Social media manager who wonders if she's too old to jump on the TikTok bandwagon. Mostly bingeing on the latest Netflix series or reading e-books.

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