For vintage hunters Jocelyn Lim and Samuel Ng, their 5-room flat in Pasir Ris is a proud display of their thrifted treasures collection.

Home owners and vintage lovers, Samuel and Jocelyn

“Every piece tells a story,” Jocelyn explains. “The 19th century lampshade in the living room was passed down for generations in an Australian family. It looks so unique because of the way it’s crafted. It was the first item that we picked out for our new home,” she adds.

The 19th century lampshade in the living room was the first item Jocelyn and Samuel purchased for their home

Pre-loved Furniture with Character

As avid antique lovers, most of the furnishing and home décor pieces in the flat have vintage origins. For Samuel, the appeal of those thrifted pieces lies in their craftsmanship, uniqueness, and intricate detailing. “I love the different colours and textures that they add to our home.”

One of his favourite pieces is the sideboard with distinctively curved legs (also known as Queen Anne legs or cabriole legs) and padded feet. Another vintage statement piece is the planter’s chair, which comprises long teakwood planks with a rounded end. The planter’s chair was commonly used during the colonial era, where the extended planks were used as leg rests.

“I like that we’re able to learn about the art and design from a particular period through the furniture and items that we have collected over time,” Samuel says.

The Queen Anne style furniture comprises distinctively curved legs and padded feet
The planter’s chair, picked up from Carousell, was a great find for the couple

While Jocelyn and Samuel look out for good deals in retail shops and on online platforms, the items don’t always come in optimal condition. That’s when the couple would dabble in some DIY works, such as painting over pottery and fixing the frame of a leather side chair.

Repairing a leather side chair (right) was one of the couple’s DIY projects

Laidback Boho-Chic Vibes

The pre-loved furniture which they have chosen, complement the flat’s earthy tones, rattan accents and greenery that reflect the couple’s love for nature. Together with the tapestry and paintings on the walls, the flat exudes casual boho-chic vibes.

The open living concept provides the illusion of a larger space, and the natural light filtering in through the windows lends the flat its soft, natural look. The windows also offer ample views of the surrounding greenery, something the couple was drawn to right from the start.

“This flat checked all the right boxes for us. We even got to enjoy proximity grants, on top of CPF housing grants, because we live near our parents. That helped us save quite a bit on the cost of the flat,” they say.

The open layout of the communal area is another feature that the home owners love, especially since they frequently host family and friends.

A kitchen island is incorporated into the common living area as an additional gathering space for the couple’s family and friends.

Different floor treatments help to demarcate the different spaces while also serving a functional purpose. “As we spend a considerable amount of time (or money?) in the kitchen, we decided on terrazzo tiles for the space as they are relatively easy to upkeep. They also complement the boho aesthetic,” Jocelyn explains. A glass sliding glass door keeps fumes and smells contained in the kitchen, whenever the couple whips up a meal.

Rattan accents in the form of a shelf and plant pot tie the look together in the kitchen.
The green and white kitchen complements the earthy tones of the house

In a house full of unique finds, another unexpected touch is the creation of a sink and bathroom vanity in the bedroom instead of having it within the ensuite itself. The couple did so as they wanted a bigger sink and vanity area.

The terrazzo-tiled vanity area is a unique feature of the master bedroom
As with the rest of the flat, the bedroom is designed in a neutral palette that adds to the room’s relaxing environment

When asked about their favourite thing to do at home, Jocelyn laughs. “We love lounging! When designing our home, we made sure to include a variety of side chairs and settees.”

The home owners take their love for lounging so seriously that they carved out a space for that very purpose. Leading up to the master bedroom is a cosy corner furnished with a daybed and soft cushions.

The lounge corner

For Samuel, the lounge corner is his favourite space because the cosy and relaxing vibes make it perfect for reading and spending some me-time.

Samuel often spends his free time reading in the lounge corner

When asked about her favourite space within their abode, Jocelyn, without missing a beat, quips, “The living room, because it offers me the best views of our home.”

“I love the planter’s chair in the living room too!” Samuel adds. “I can just sit there and admire the greenery surrounding our home, which is a definite plus.”

From finding a flat that ticked all their boxes, to designing a home that meets their exact tastes and lifestyle needs, Samuel and Jocelyn created a home that was perfect for themselves.

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