New home owners Fatin Amira and her husband are spa lovers and wanted a resort-inspired look for their 5-room BTO flat. The relaxing oasis they created together is nestled in the northeastern corner of Yishun amidst lush greenery, with unblocked views of Lower Seletar Reservoir adding to the chill vibes of the flat.

The resort-inspired flat feels like a sanctuary
Home owner Fatin and her husband recently moved into their new home

A Luxurious, Intimate Space

Starting from the living room, darker walnut tones set the luxurious mood. Curves and rounded edges in the carpentry, coupled with fluted wooden panels, prevent visual monotony while adding a feminine touch.

Curves and rounded edges are incorporated for a softer look

For balance, the couple incorporated warm lighting and lighter coloured elements, such as the 3D-textured TV feature wall and soft finishings. Day curtains, which filter the sunlight streaming in through the large windows, also add a touch of cosy.

A mix of dark and light colours create a luxurious feel
The unique, double-layered TV feature wall adds texture to the space

The interplay of contrasting tones extends to the adjoining kitchen. The lit-up kitchen island, one of the flat’s statement pieces, features darker wooden fluted panels set against a marble countertop.

Walnut accents feature prominently in the kitchen

“We like to try out different restaurants on date nights. That was the inspiration behind the kitchen island, to mimic the experience of eating out,” the home owners explain. “On a more practical note, the island also provides additional countertop and storage space,” they laugh.

A gorgeous open kitchen

Seeing Cement

To set their home apart, the couple decided to use a trendy material, concrete, in a most unexpected way. “We wanted something unique for our home, and we love the colour grey. So, we opted for cement screed flooring throughout the flat, even extending it up to our walls,” Amira laughs. “Though we were initially skeptical of darker-toned walls, we’re glad we took the leap of faith.”

In the common bathroom, limewash paint is used to mimic the visual effect of cement screed
All walls, including that of the bedroom, are coated in cement screed

The home isn’t all industrial and wood though. In the kitchen and bathrooms, the couple played around with gold accents and greenery, to introduce pops of colour to the spaces.

Splashes of greenery can be found throughout the space

“We’re really happy with the look of our home, it does feel like we’re living in a permanent spa,” the couple laughs.

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