Every home tells a story, and within the walls of Hui Jun and Nishanth’s abode, their love story is etched into every nook and cranny.

Their journey began amidst the lush landscapes of Chiang Mai during a university volunteering project called ‘Trees and Trunks’. Over three weeks of planting trees and tending to animals, their shared love for nature sowed the seeds of their dream home. The palette of green and grey, inspired by the project, sets the tone for a home that exudes warmth and vibrance.

Curved edges and wooden textures make the place feel more inviting

Green carpentry and patterned diamond tiles in the foyer set the stage for what lies beyond—a spacious living room bathed in natural textures and an overall sense of airiness.

Having an open space was of paramount importance to the couple, who enjoy hosting their friends and families. Hui Jun shares, “To create a larger living room, we got permission from HDB to hack down the walls of one bedroom and part of our kitchen. This space is now the heart of our home and our guests love it.”

Building a Dream Home

Before embarking on their home ownership journey, Hui Jun and Nishanth meticulously planned their finances. “We mainly relied on the financial tools on HDB’s website, which helped us to calculate the downpayment and estimate the monthly loan payments for our flat,” Hui Jun explains.

Knowing that they could rely solely on their CPF contributions for their monthly instalments gave them more confidence to proceed with their home purchase. “Home building requires effort and work. The renovation was an enjoyable challenge, and we are glad we worked through it together to achieve what we have today. Our home is testament to the love we continue to pour into it.”

Of Curves and Niches

Curves and arches gracefully intertwine in every corner of their home, creating a welcoming space. The couple’s favourite spot at home? The feature wall with open niches to display their favourite decor items. Hui Jun reflects on the timeless appeal of the curves: “They remind us of Roman architecture… We really like how it feels less blocky, sharp, and rigid.”

Handcrafted décor items add a personal touch

A Trove of Memories

Adorning their home are decorative keepsakes with emotional significance. One item is a wooden shadow box bearing the couple’s initial, crafted with dried flowers extracted from Hui Jun’s bridal bouquet. While it may seem like just another decor item, it holds a special memory of the couple’s big day.

Another conversation starter is a painting in the dining room created by an artist commissioned by the couple. This abstract painting is a homage to the ‘Trees and Trunks’ project and Hui Jun and Nishanth’s favourite movie, Fantastic Mr. Fox. “It was one of the first movies we watched together as a couple – the characters are intriguing, and the theme of home resonated with us. It’s one of our favourite movies.”

A personalised abstract painting complements the colour schemes of the flat

Another key feature in the flat is its limewashed walls, which lends a warm, textured look to the interior. For the couple, this was a DIY project and a test of their perseverance. Despite many hours of learning through online tutorials, the hands-on experience proved to be challenging. After mastering the required brush strokes and enduring countless touch-ups, the couple is now immensely proud of their creation: “As much as they are difficult to maintain, the walls are our labour of love and we really love how they have turned out beautifully.”

Neutral furnishings and potted plants make a cosy ambience

In the intertwining of love and interior design, Hui Jun and Nishanth have crafted a home that reflects their journey—one that’s filled with memories, and new adventures to come.

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