Looking for a town that has been through a major glow up? Jurong East’s the one you’re looking for. An industrial town in the 1960s, Jurong East has over the years transformed into a bustling residential and commercial hub. Its latest makeover concluded in 2020, where new amenities such as gardens and communal spaces were rolled out, and building facades were refreshed with a modern look.

Here are three things you need to know about Jurong East that makes it the wow wow West.

Convenient Commute

Home to two (but soon three!) MRT lines, Jurong East is the main transport hub of the West. Currently, the East-West Line and North-South Lines, as well as the bus interchange, provide Jurong residents with accessible commuting options to other parts of Singapore. With the Jurong Region Line in the works, Jurong residents will have an alternative route to explore the western part of Singapore, including Tengah, our new HDB town!

Green Spaces

Jurong Lake Garden

Nature lovers and exercise junkies will be pleased with the pockets of green spaces in Jurong. For slow evening strolls, head over to Jurong Lake Garden where you get to bask in nature while enjoying the lush greenery and serene lakeside views.

If you prefer to go on a scenic jog, check out the park connectors that will take you out of Jurong  into neighbouring towns like Bukit Batok.

Retail Jem

Did you know that Jurong is known as the ‘Orchard Road’ of the West? With a whopping four malls in the area, there is no need for residents to travel to town for retail therapy. Residents can pick between JEM, Westgate, JCube and IMM for their food and retail needs. The best part? The malls are connected by J-Walk, an elevated pedestrian network which takes shoppers on a sheltered path to the malls and the Jurong East MRT station and interchange!

With further revitalisation plans for Jurong Lake District underway, Jurong is set to become the leisure and regional hub of the West. Want to see more of Jurong East? Check out our guide to accessing Jurong Heartland Spots via HDB Map Services or the Mobile@HDB app.

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